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Question TE25 How to convert AVI to MPEG with 2.511? tssfka 4 2003-05-29 05:42:44
Question TDA1 DVD settings Steven 1 2004-04-24 06:40:51
Question TE25 Dr. Scott 2 2009-10-16 21:54:30
Question TE25 What is the difference between the models in The audio Channels The History 4 2003-05-20 10:13:28
Question TDA1 Chapters Divx 2 2003-05-19 18:11:27
Question TE25 Discolouration yamyam 4 2003-05-21 23:40:33
Bug report TDA1 Is there a 4GB limit ? Dr. Strange 4 2003-06-05 08:14:15
Question TE25 AVI to PAL MPEG2 produces no sound neal 1 2003-05-17 22:33:19
Bug report TE25 Version 2.511 hangs msp 2 2003-05-17 22:21:11
Question TE25 Green screen Lyngdal 4 2003-05-17 22:17:35
Question TDA1 AVI to VCD creates sound but no video Jeff Wiener 2 2003-06-10 04:36:20
Question TE25 S-VCD Video Resolution Problem Aleksandar 2 2003-05-16 21:28:37

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Question - TE25 - How to convert AVI to MPEG with 2.511? No.36942
tssfka  2003-05-19 08:40:38 ( ID:ra2vdkamytl )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I cannot convert the AVI movie files created by my Canon digi camera to MPEGs using v2.511. I get an error message saying that the file type is not supported. It will convert audio but not video. Any suggestions?



Minion  Mail /  )  2003-05-19 21:47:00 ( ID:w8yn5mktf8w )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Well What Format does your Camera Produce??? is it DV?? if it is DV you will need a DV Codec installed, and if it is DV what type is it ,Type 1 or Type 2??

paulking  2003-05-21 18:45:52 ( ID:8yfrh0k0y/a )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I'm having the same issues with my Polaroid Digital Camera. How do you find out what format the camera produces. ie, DV1, DV2 etc.

Minion  Mail /  )  2003-05-23 08:46:10 ( ID:w8yn5mktf8w )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Use something like "GSpot" it will tell you everything about your AVI file But I"m sure it is Type 1 DV as Most use Type 1 DV these days...Just download a Couple DV codecs and see if that helps...

Kisoo Lim  2003-05-29 05:42:44 ( ID:rgy7xoobqxr )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Better try to raise the priority of Directshow multimedia in Environmenal setting VFAPI Plugin. I have sony pcr-7 6m digial camcorder and normally I capture it to 25mbps dv-avi using ieee-1394 card.

Question - TDA1 - DVD settings No.48577
Steven  2003-05-19 02:43:33 ( ID:y9r74tb6bga )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Can anyone tell me what settings I should set the TmpgEnc DVD format for? I have downloaded divx Avi riped movies and what to burn them to DVD.


LordBiggness  Mail /  )  2004-04-24 06:40:51 ( ID:vdmkwxbf9zo )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I too am able to run DVD Author, until I get to the DVD Write Tool....that's when I get "Drive Not Ready" message. I have a Sony Vaio with a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR 104 DVD burner. I too download movies and it was recommended to use this program for DVD I doing something wrong or is it my DVD burner itself?
PLease help, I'm extremely new at this and Extremely enthused with using more of the capabilities of my PC....

~ LordBiggness ~

Question - TE25 - Dr. No.36939
Scott  Mail /  )  2003-05-18 22:56:29 ( ID:d.s4fbg4bfl )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Ok, how exactly does normalize work? does it compare all the files I am encoding and average them? how would I make a mass amount of files all the same? just put set it the same # all the time? also.. what happens if you change the volume settings on your computer in between normalizes? would that change what is "normal"?


Minion  Mail /  )  2003-05-19 04:06:31 ( ID:w8yn5mktf8w )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Normalize Just Averages out the audio for the File that is loaded into it, The Volume settings on your Computer have nothing to do with the Audio levels inside the Audio File...

lwc  2009-10-16 21:54:30 ( ID:mfoh699waq2 )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Let's say I have a clip that's too quiet. What do I do with normalize once I'm inside Audio Edit? It goes between 0%-100% but what does it mean?

Likewise for a clip that's too loud.

Question - TE25 - What is the difference between the models in The audio Channels No.36934
The History  Mail /  )  2003-05-18 19:59:22 ( ID:l5iudigv3eh )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I have found that there are three chioces in the audio channel in the setting.
Stereo, joint-stereo and dual-channel.
I'm converting Dvd to vcd but what is the difference between stereo and joint-stereo?
I have read something related to this issue but the one who answered just said it depends on what you wnat????
please I need to know what is the difference between them?

Minion  Mail /  )  2003-05-18 22:15:20 ( ID:w8yn5mktf8w )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Well sterio is the Right chanell comeing out the Right speaker and the Left chanell comeing out the Left speaker, Joint sterio is Both the Left and Right Chanells being Played out of each Speaker, and Dual Chanell is one audio track Being Played out of one speaker and a Seperate audio track being played out the other so when Panning to the Right you can get a different audio track as when you pan to the Left..Just stick With Sterio for most Movies...

B_Racer  2003-05-19 12:14:17 ( ID:gxmkoa4dlnj )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]


Your explanation of Joint Stereo isn't right. What you descriped is Mono, not Stero or Joint Stereo.
Joint Stereo is a methode to save bitrate. It mixes right and left channel only for compression. If the right Channel can be compressed higher than the left, Joint Stereo use the "extraspace" for Data from the left channel (an vice versa). A Decompressed Joint Stereo-File will be in Stereo.

Minion  Mail /  )  2003-05-19 21:49:58 ( ID:w8yn5mktf8w )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I"m sure Your Probably Correct,But how can you save bitrate when doing CBR audio encodeing???

B_Racer  2003-05-20 10:13:28 ( ID:gxmkoa4dlnj )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Hehe, good Question. Joint Stereo is designed for low Bitrates. It does not realy save Bitrate, but does a better use of the given Bitrate.

Work's like this:
Encoder: Hey, there's a part in the left Channel that can be encodet with only 128 kbps instead of 192 kbps, and hey, there's also a Part in the right channel that need's more than 192 kbps, so why i don't use the Space in the left for the overhead of the right channel?

OK, it's not an exact description, but the best i can write in english... ;)

Question - TDA1 - Chapters No.48574
Divx  2003-05-18 13:03:47 ( ID:y9r74tb6bga )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Hi I've just started using this product and when I creat the chapters in the program and then burn it using Nero. I dont see any chapters or menu's anyone one have any thoughts. I use the standard settings too in creating a DVD in TmpgEnc then use the DVD program. And default setting in Nero.

Thanks Steven

Borgster  Mail /  )  2003-05-19 09:41:15 ( ID:5uhceskba7w )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Hi Steven,

Your Problem is NERO, try the setting from > HowTo's > Authoring.> "Burn with Nero UDF 1.02"

Good luck,


Baz  2003-05-19 18:11:27 ( ID:ayfjj.q1jxk )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Similar problem here.
My first DVD player arrived today and I played my first DVD which I authored with TMPGEnc DVD Author. I set up chapter points but used no menu as there is only one video and there seems little point in making it more complicated to play than necessary. I read the players manual on changing chapters but it didn't appear to work. I was told on another forum that you don't need a menu for the player to recognise chapters. Maybe I just haven't sussed out the player yet, or the chapters weren't included.

Question - TE25 - Discolouration No.36929
yamyam  Mail /  )  2003-05-18 10:42:14 ( ID:v7ftpjfzipj )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Im using the latest version (2.511) of tmpg but ive noticed that every now & again in an encoded film i get discolouration in dark areas, i encoded harry potter 2 as the dvd film is (no clippin, no resize) just to bring the size down to a single layered disc.

Any ideas on this problem ?

yamyam  Mail /  )  2003-05-18 10:44:54 ( ID:v7ftpjfzipj )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

by the way i am framserving from dvd2avi.

Minion  Mail /  )  2003-05-18 22:10:43 ( ID:w8yn5mktf8w )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

There are Other ways to Make a Retail DVD Fit on a Single DVD-R while retaining all of the Menu"s and chapters, Programs Like "DVD2One" and "DVD-Shrink" can do it very well and DVD2One can do it very Fast Like in Just a Few Minutes..But if you are getting Bad Discoloration then that can be caused By Haveing a Bad codec installed on your System ,The codec is called "Angel Potion" if you have it you should delete it as it causes Purple and Pink discoloration on encoded files, But it really shouldn"t have a Problem useing D2V files, Make sure in DVD2AVI you have the colorspace settings set to "Yuv" and to "TV Scale"....

B_Racer  2003-05-19 12:18:39 ( ID:gxmkoa4dlnj )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Minion is right, but there's an other possible reason for lightened dark areas if you are using DVD2AVI. What settings did you use? RGB-Colorspace or YUV? TV-Scale or PC-Scale? That's important!

yamyam  Mail /  )  2003-05-21 23:40:33 ( ID:v7ftpjfzipj )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I was using YUV - PC Scale all the time but at the moment im encoding the movie again with YUV - TV Scale to see if this makes any difference, never used the RGB setting. Hoping TV Scale Will cure my problem.

Bug report - TDA1 - Is there a 4GB limit ? No.48569
Dr. Strange  Mail /  )  2003-05-17 21:09:21 ( ID:hvbecdq7euo )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I recognized problems to insert a source mpeg which is greater than 4 GB. Is there a limitation? It should be possible to import a 4,4 GB movie when the DVD-disc has 4,7Gb capacity!

B_Racer  2003-05-17 22:00:56 ( ID:jrnhxvjhlek )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Maximum File-Size for DVD is EXACT 4.37 GByte (4.700.000.000 Bytes, (OK, a couple of Bytes more, but thats not important in this case)).

Dr. Strange  Mail /  )  2003-05-18 10:04:50 ( ID:mjsenf9mkej )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

yes, that´s right. But it should be possible to import a file which is larger than this. You can cut commercial advertising from the beginning, from the end and maybe in the middle. And my recordings are often 15 min. longer then the duration of the movie. I want to cut the movie in TDA so that it is not larger than 4,37 GB. In fact, I can even not import a 4,1 GB movie.

Is there anybody else who has problems with files larger than 4GB?

By the way: Of course I have XP and NTFS. It really seems to be a limitation of TDA.

Flepp  Mail /  )  2003-05-18 11:08:16 ( ID:kqclpgdjvq6 )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I had no problems importing m2v files of 4.8 Gb.& more .Then cut out commercials and unwanted scenes.I always use demuxed audio & video files
for importing

Giba  Mail /  )  2003-06-05 08:14:15 ( ID:294hlirfjqo )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Had no problem importing 5.2 Gb of m2v (generated by TMPGenc), then cut out bits and peaces until it would fit to 4.3 Gb (the label on the DVD says it is a 4.7 Gb which is a joke). My pc is P4, 2Ghz, with XP pro, 2 IDE HardDisks and one 200 Gb Firewire.

Question - TE25 - AVI to PAL MPEG2 produces no sound No.36927
neal  2003-05-17 13:19:18 ( ID:8yfrh0k0y/a )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

When trying to convert an NTFS AVI to PAL MPEG 2 using system(video-audio) the final MPEG has no sound when using the same avi for video and audio. Extracting the audio to wav using VirtualDub then using this wav as a separate audio file to create the MPEG leads to a file with sound out of synch by about 1 second after half an hour. Any suggestions

Minion  Mail /  )  2003-05-17 22:33:19 ( ID:w8yn5mktf8w )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Firstly you can not use Tmpgenc to Properly Convert from NTSC/Pal,It just doesn"t work Properly, Tmpgenc Does not do Proper Frame rate conversions so when watching your Movie on TV you will get a Jumping or Skiping effect about every second or so.You might not see it Now But you will Once you are Watching in your DVD Player,If you watch it closely now I"m sure you will Notice it, And Trying to convert NTSC/Pal with Tmpgenc Can cause Sync Problems like you are getting....You can use AVISynth to Frameserve the file and use it to do the NTSC/Pal conversion But it is a Complicated tool to use if you have never used it, if you have a Good Video editor Like Vegas 4 or Premier you can use it to convert NTSC/Pal, Or if you can get a Copy of ProCoder it does good NTSC/Pal Conversions..There are also a Couple of other methods that Entail Changeing the Framerate of the AVI file then Changeing the length of the Audio to Match the Video...

Bug report - TE25 - Version 2.511 hangs No.36924
msp  2003-05-17 09:27:26 ( ID:bbm1hzpx4/m )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Version 2.511 unstable?
TMPGEnc 2.511 may hang (blank window, TMPGEnc not responding, HD LED permanently "ON", processor load 100%) after quite some time of successful encoding. Strange: After a couple of re-starts the encoding of the entire movie my eventually succeed.
Never had this problem with older versions.
P4/XP/DX9/80GB HD/512MB RAM.

Ernesto Macua  Mail /  )  2003-05-17 20:09:43 ( ID:ozuifpzvnim )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]


Same problem for me. With 2.511 version, sometimes encoding is ok, but some other times not. I have dual processor and I discovered that if I disable multithread the hangs almost dissapear, but not completely anyway.
I hope it will be fixed in the following version.


Minion  Mail /  )  2003-05-17 22:21:11 ( ID:w8yn5mktf8w )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

There seems to be a Bug in the Multi-threading in this Version so Poeple with Multiple Processors might find Problems useing the Multi-threading ..I would either just disable it till the next version comes out or use an older version till they fix this one...

Question - TE25 - Green screen No.36919
Lyngdal  Mail /  )  2003-05-16 19:04:04 ( ID:/ht0gqmpcy. )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

With a couple of AVI file I receive a very green screen in TMPG while converting it to MPEG. What can I do to prevent that?

Minion  Mail /  )  2003-05-16 21:31:27 ( ID:w8yn5mktf8w )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

You will have to tell us a Bit more about these AVI files you are haveing Problems with, Like there Compression and were they are from, But off the Top of My head I would say that you should first try Raiseing the Priority of the Direct Show File reader in the Vfapi Plugins to about 2...

Lyngdal  2003-05-17 13:45:49 ( ID:/ht0gqmpcy. )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

It concerns some XVID MPEG-4 coded files. They look very greenish and the pictures are as well unclear.

Gnerma  2003-05-17 21:33:52 ( ID:s02hbpfwhso )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

This is often a problem when using an older xvid codec to run newer xvid encoded videos. Uninstall the old codec, and download and install a new build of xvid.

Minion  Mail /  )  2003-05-17 22:17:35 ( ID:w8yn5mktf8w )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

What Might be better is to Install the FFDShow Filter, it decodes all Mpeg-4 and Other Formats usually better than the actual codecs do pluss it has a Lot of usefull decodeing options to optimize Playback Quality...

Question - TDA1 - AVI to VCD creates sound but no video No.48566
Jeff Wiener  Mail /  )  2003-05-16 17:36:07 ( ID:zi95b3hxeva )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I want to create a MPG from AVI file so I can make a VCD but when I try the new file I created all I have is sound with no video.

blujackets  Mail /  )  2003-05-30 13:57:25 ( ID:mxt1yaeqdcn )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Sounds to me like you don't have the appropriate codec. Go to and scroll down to Tools - try installing the DIVX 5 codec.

mont  2003-06-10 04:36:20 ( ID:xptbh.caq/a )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

i have the same problem and i already have divx 5, are there any other ideas?

Question - TE25 - S-VCD Video Resolution Problem No.36916
Aleksandar  2003-05-16 14:17:42 ( ID:xnwvqtovllg )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I am trying to compress uncompressed AVI (captured home video) to S-VCD (NTSC). Since I am beginner in this, I used "Project Wizard" with default settings, which resulted in output file with equal width and height, as if original aspect ratio (4:3) was somehow changed to 1:1. I checked all the settings and found out that even though source file had aspect ratio 4:3 525 line (NTSC, 704x480), output had video resolution 480x480. I tried to change this setting in various menus but it was always greyed out. Does anybody know a way to achieve same aspect ratio as original file? Thanks in advance.

B_Racer  2003-05-16 14:24:10 ( ID:gxmkoa4dlnj )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

The Standard-Resolution for NTSC-SVCD IS 480x480. Don't worry, DVD-Players will stretch the Picture back into the right format.

Minion  Mail /  )  2003-05-16 21:28:37 ( ID:w8yn5mktf8w )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

If you want the Image size to be displayed in the Correct aspect ratio go to "Video Arange Method" in the Video settings and set it to "FullScreen Keep aspect Ratio" and another way that will Display it in the correct aspect ratio But with Black bars on the top and Bottom which Might look better depending on what you are looking for is to set it to "Center Custom Size" then set the size to I think "480+352" is the correct aspect ratio?? This way it will not be full screen but have 64 pixel boarders on top and bottom, you can see what it will look like if you go into the "Clip Frame" settings, but make sure the "Resized image for Preview" Box is checked...

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