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Request Multi Mode Naveed 0 2011-10-12 03:12:18
Free talk My evaluation findings tslim 0 2011-03-24 04:28:04
Question XDCAM EX MP4 Dizzle 1 2011-05-03 05:01:23
Request What I would like to see in the following updates/versions IbizanHound 0 2011-02-06 23:20:53
Request Thumbnailed Scenes Individual File Creation IbizanHound 0 2010-09-19 01:01:57
Free talk W7 64b jmbertoncelli 0 2010-09-03 02:50:30
Bug report Hangs after load DreamMiner 0 2010-08-08 03:35:19
Request Export playlists FelixDaHousecat 0 2009-12-19 13:32:55
Request Move and delete files FelixDaHousecat 0 2009-12-19 13:28:32
Request Playback DVD FelixDaHousecat 0 2009-12-19 13:07:08
Request On top of all windows FelixDaHousecat 0 2009-12-19 12:56:42
Free talk Thoughts? tkrave 3 2009-12-10 21:50:52

TMPGEnc KARMA..Plus BBS [ Sorted by thread creation date ]
Request - Multi Mode No.65296
Naveed  Mail /  )  2011-10-12 03:12:18 ( ID:.bsmsruv88f )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Basically my requirement is multi mode which i've found in this software.
Currently using trial version and it fulfill all my requirements except in multi mode there is no next/previous fame button on the right/left video. By placing this button help me to sync the video easily. It is difficult to sync video using seek bar. I hope in future developers include this feature in upcoming versions.

NOTE: Kinovea is a nice freeware software which support multi mode. The Drawback is it's performance. Anyhow it is an excellent software.


Free talk - My evaluation findings No.64491
tslim  Mail /  )  2011-03-24 04:28:04 ( ID:c6fu8spttur )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]


I have just completed my evaluation of the product.

1. The Category function is seriously weak!
1. a) To tag a video for one or more categories, isn't something like Ctrl+Click on a category label faster then drag and drop?
1. b) It is almost useless since I can not select multiple categories and have the related items all display in the main library view. It should be possible to let me choose to display only videos from category A and/or category B and/or category C etc.
1. c) At least 3 sub levels should be allowed. Currently, only 2 levels. That makes a more sophisticated design of category tree impossible.

2. I like the TileShot creation
2. a) I find a TileShot is more effective than story thumbnail in helping me to recall what a video is. Sadly, there is no way I can relate a Tileshot to a video after I have created one, let alone a quick view of a video's TileShot from within Karma itself

Btw, the lack of 1. b) is the main reason I won't buy a license for this product.


Question - XDCAM EX MP4 No.64470
Dizzle  Mail / Home )  2011-03-16 14:42:44 ( ID:rx7/g0g.t36 )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Everything is sweet, except KARMA won't playback MP4 files (XDCAM-EX). These are MP4 videos files straight off my Sony EX3 video camera. Anyone?

tkrave  2011-05-03 05:01:23 ( ID:esk4fdefcg2 )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

It may just be a matter of finding a DirectShow codec that can play the files. Can you play them in Windows Media Player?

Request - What I would like to see in the following updates/versions No.64221
IbizanHound  2011-02-06 23:20:53 ( ID:4ezcvu1nell )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

+ Ability to give titles to chapters that you create in editor.

+ Give the option "Chapter Browse view" inside the browser, so that the user can quickly browse/search through all of the chapters archive from all the movies they have created.

+ Add subcategories ability. Example: lets say i have 2 main categories, basketball and football, i want to be able to create a subcategory in the category "Football" that only contains matches from Arcenal F.C.

+ Give the option to the users to be able to use small icons (128 x 128px)of their choice, to categorize videos in addition to simple color tagging.

+ More than 3 quick previews

Request - Thumbnailed Scenes Individual File Creation No.63637
IbizanHound  2010-09-19 01:01:57 ( ID:xwts1wmpdom )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

So, the feature I 've always wanted from a media manager is to be able to create shortcut files(that come with their own thumbnail when viewed within windows explorer) in a folder of my choice, out of the scenes/chapters that I set within a video clip , so that when i double click on them the video clip to which they reffer, opens, but in the specific time that the scene/chapter starts at.

This way you can create a library of such shortcut files and categorize them as well.
Lets say you re a big football fan and you have already used TMPG KARMA to set great goals moments in every match you have.
Lets now say you have a specific player that you admire and you want to only see his goals.
By performing a filtered search through your shortcut scene files you can easily retrieve and watch only the goals of your favourite player!

Thank you for taking the time to read my request and hopefully you 'll find it essential and innovative as I do!

Free talk - W7 64b No.63581
jmbertoncelli  Mail /  )  2010-09-03 02:50:30 ( ID:jgqkey7wkra )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I have installed Karma..Plus, TmpGenc 4 Xpress and Authoring Works 4.

So far everything work OK. The only issue that I still have is about the CUDA feature of Karma..Plus which is failing when in optimization mode.


Bug report - Hangs after load No.63453
DreamMiner  2010-08-08 03:35:19 ( ID:c6awe5m2e8g )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I have the same problem mentioned earlier; but as it was last year, and there are still no answers, here it is:

The program will appear to start normally, but the first time I click on it, it hangs. The full error message reads as follows:

A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: AppHangB1
Application Name: TMPGEncKarmaPlus.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 4af784a9
Hang Signature: d169
Hang Type: 256
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Hang Signature 1: d16977bb1731751c618f8f6d900c4bf9
Additional Hang Signature 2: 3232
Additional Hang Signature 3: 3232786cdaef5a0603c843eaff67fe63
Additional Hang Signature 4: d169
Additional Hang Signature 5: d16977bb1731751c618f8f6d900c4bf9
Additional Hang Signature 6: 3232
Additional Hang Signature 7: 3232786cdaef5a0603c843eaff67fe63

This was advertised as working with Win 7. Not so?

Request - Export playlists No.62791
FelixDaHousecat  Mail /  )  2009-12-19 13:32:55 ( ID:/katisygoam )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I would also like Karma to export playlists to Authoring Works 4 so they are ready to burn!

Request - Move and delete files No.62790
FelixDaHousecat  Mail /  )  2009-12-19 13:28:32 ( ID:/katisygoam )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I would like the ability to move and delete files from my system within Karma!

Request - Playback DVD No.62789
FelixDaHousecat  Mail /  )  2009-12-19 13:07:08 ( ID:/katisygoam )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

It would be sooo cool if Karma played DVD's!

Request - On top of all windows No.62788
FelixDaHousecat  Mail /  )  2009-12-19 12:56:42 ( ID:/katisygoam )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I would like a setting to keep the player on top of all windows. Surely this is a must!

Free talk - Thoughts? No.62784
tkrave  2009-11-17 18:10:57 ( ID:lgrl8ryjzyl )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Anyone try this? It definitely seems better than the free version. I like the video comparison feature. It feels like iTunes for your video files. I wish there was H.264 output for people who don't have CUDA though.

KM  Mail /  )  2009-11-17 20:00:43 ( ID:fmigvdamzow )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Yes, I have bought it, installed it, but won't start ! I have tried many times re-installation. I have good PC and my os is Windows 7. Have alle updated drivers.
The "light" version of the program works fine, but TMPGEnc KARMA..Plus won¨'t start. Have sent for support-help, but no helps.

Albert  2009-11-20 16:06:28 ( ID:p0mos9x.jjl )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I've installed trial version of TMPGEnc KARMA..Plus (TMKP_Trial_1.0.2.30_setup_en.exe) but I failed to launch the application.
I tried to launch it on PC having the following configuration:
Windows 7
Core 2 Duo E8400, 2Gb RAM, ASUS P5K-E/WiFi, MSI 8800GT 512Mb
My PC was connected to Internet.
I got a message that application was stopped and here is detailed information:
Name of the problem: APPCRASH
Application Name: TMPGEncKarmaPlusTrial.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 4af784eb
Fault Module Name: KERNELBASE.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.1.7600.16385
Fault Module Timestamp: 4a5bdaae
Exception Code: e053534f
Exception Offset: 00009617
OS version: 6.1.7600.
Language code: 1049

Senso  2009-12-10 21:50:52 ( ID:7rtgc2uvrqo )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I have much of the same problems! I tried the free version first and was happy with this, so I wanted the extra features in the full version. I even checked the Compatibility Chart to see wether Win7 64-bit was supported, and it was supposed to, but nothing happens when I try to open the program. This is rally a bad thing now that the jump to 64-bit versions is here with Win7...!

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