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Question output in .iso and creating region a free DVD OscarTG 1 2017-09-14 13:16:25
Question Default button in menu IVPR 1 2017-09-16 13:48:21
Question Transparency deaddisk 2 2017-08-19 15:03:00
Question Creating Menus Jim D 1 2017-07-15 17:42:51
Question Only using 20% CPU during encode Simmo1985 1 2017-07-24 23:27:54
Question Leave streams unchanged ciccio.reborn 1 2017-07-21 08:21:26
Question Automatically load subtitles (.srt) with video ki2 0 2017-06-09 19:23:23
Question User Tom Lewandowski 0 2017-06-08 05:04:29
Question Turning off AutoStart? Bob Collier 2 2017-06-14 14:35:08
Question OUTPUT Failure ... Bug? Tom Lewandowski 7 2017-06-09 05:25:26
Question Creating custom menus in TAW 6 - Is it possible? Roger 2 2017-06-02 21:26:29
Bug report Subtitles layout headache JeanPaulo 1 2017-05-25 21:10:48

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Question - output in .iso and creating region a free DVD No.70848
OscarTG  Mail /  )  2017-09-06 12:40:35 ( ID:czfmq36fdn2 )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Hello, is there an option to output in .iso? Also can I create a region free DVD? Thank you.

tkrave  2017-09-14 13:16:25 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Yes, you can create an .iso from your output files. The software outputs the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders, then you can use the Disc Writing Tool to create an iso from that.

I believe you can ONLY create region free DVDs as I can't find a way to set a region. I could be wrong though.

Question - Default button in menu No.70840
IVPR  2017-08-24 01:13:05 ( ID:r1hbcxrvbxr )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Just upgraded to AW6. In 5 I couldn't get the first chapter to be highlighted when moving forward or back to menu pages and I can't get it right in 6 either. In 6 I get it to highlight the first chapter when moving to 2nd page but when going back to first page it highlights the 'next' button or the last chapter on the page. I have tried virtually every combination of 'Global Settings' and 'Page Local Settings'. Does this function just not work or am I the idiot??

tkrave  2017-09-16 13:48:21 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I've tried to do it too and have the same results as you. Maybe it's a bug or maybe they didn't describe the function correctly, because the way it's described, you should be able to highlight the first chapter/track in a page.

Question - Transparency No.70829
deaddisk  2017-08-06 01:59:06 ( ID:gtyvk6pm/6c )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]


I have a problem with transparency - i chosse a picture for my popup menu - the background color should be transparent, but where can i choose the color to be transparent? In Version 5 it worked.

Can anyone help me? Thanks!

tkrave  2017-08-16 13:12:53 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

How did it work in TAW5? I've never known about it.

You might need to use Photoshop or some other image software to make it an actual transparency/alpha channel.

deaddisk  2017-08-19 15:03:00 ( ID:gtyvk6pm/6c )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Hello tkrave:

Yes, at Version 5 it was possible - with Version 6 i can´t find this option anymore. I think i must write directly to the support.

Question - Creating Menus No.70811
Jim D  Mail / Home )  2017-07-07 09:45:20 ( ID:x/3a3esnf.o )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I am having problems creating menus. I need a play all and 6 chapters. When I use the wizard or try and create, I only get either 1 page, or a title page and 1 page.

After creating a chapter on the menu, how do you add an additional chapter?


tkrave  2017-07-15 17:42:51 ( ID:nrp09m2aqdn )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Did you make chapters in your video? If not, you'll need to go to the clip editor and add your chapters there. That's what the menu builder bases its chapters on. You can't add chapters from the Menu stage.

Question - Only using 20% CPU during encode No.70792
Simmo1985  Mail /  )  2017-06-17 17:07:43 ( ID:g.vgmasdd2g )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

When I output a project to DVD, the program is only using 20% of my CPU (R7 1700, 8c/16t). I've tried enabling CUDA to see if that speeds things up, but it actually slows down the encode (only by a couple of minutes).

Is there something I'm missing?

Brian Ward  Mail /  )  2017-07-24 23:27:54 ( ID:wvnsvtpxjxc )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I had the same issue when I imported a TAW5 project that included previously rendered output with subtitles. I found the re-rendering process spent a very long time displaying "analysing subtitles" before finally outputting the lossless video. During this process it only used one of the four cores of my processor.

If you have the same issue, I resolved it by creating a new TAW6 project rather than importing the old TAW5 version. The new version ran using almost 100% processor..

Question - Leave streams unchanged No.70790
ciccio.reborn  2017-06-15 06:53:30 ( ID:x/rhjisbokj )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]


I used for many years TAW5 and, also if with some limitations (specially on menu side), I found it very useful for my purposes.

I would like to upgrade to TAW6 but I need a new feature: leave streams unchanged (in my case audio stream). Recently I was asked to produce a blu-ray with HD audio (for some concert recordings) but with TAW5 (or TAW6) this is impossible.

I know for sure audio stream is perfectly blu-ray compatible and I understand why TAW cannot decode these audio streams (royalties for DTS HD): but if TAW had the ability to leave streams unchanged (without any decoding)? Obviously at the risk of those who use this option

I cannot afford for this purpose to buy professional authoring suite: what do you think?

Thanks in advance

NoMention  2017-07-21 08:21:26 ( ID:ptw2koe57hj )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I had the same request some time ago and they basically said no. I have both the DTS and Dolby encoding suite but like you I cannot afford the professional authoring tools for BD generation. I can build TrueHD and DTS-MA tracks but cannot utilize them in TAW5 or TAW6, both which I have. It would be nice if the app allowed you to select these but only muxed them together with the video at output time. I would save me a lot of hassle and make this a truly wonderful product.

Due to this issue, I've started exploring multiAVCHD which appears to allow this although their menu system is not nearly as good as TAW.

Question - Automatically load subtitles (.srt) with video No.70776
ki2  Mail /  )  2017-06-08 11:27:32 ( ID:hhb7fhipyyl )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Anyone here can please let me know or guide me on how to configure TAW6 to load the subtitle (.srt format) automatically with the video?
On TAW4 this was done automatically, as long as the SRT and the video had the exact same name, only extension different. In TAW6, in the clip addition windows, you have to always go to "subtitle edit", import the SRT, edit (which never saves the configuration BTW: font, color, size, position, etc.), and this is a horrible waste of time.
Any help, really appreciated.....

Question - User No.70775
Tom Lewandowski  2017-06-08 05:04:29 ( )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I have been receiving error messages in the TAW6 demo while editing ‘User Added Items’, both images and text:

“An error occurred while saving the data. Refer to the error content below:

This parameter is incorrect. (Error code 0x80070057)”

I haven’t noticed if the same ‘error code’ appears each time I’ve received it. But, it happens when using the ‘Move to front/back’ edit function (with both images and text), resizing images, moving images and text boxes.

I can't get passed this error unless I save the project, close the program and restart it; I can than edit the image or text that was producing the error, and continue working for a while...before it happens again.

It appears that, even though Pegasus support staff don’t respond on this forum, they DO respond to software problems noted here when updating their products. It’s obvious by their correcting issues I’ve mentioned on this forum. After all, they can’t successfully sell a buggy product, especially when they’ve created a forum specifically for customers to find support.

Question - Turning off AutoStart? No.70771
Bob Collier  2017-06-07 05:27:58 ( ID:avlymbfi7hh )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I just sent an email to technical support, but maybe I might be able to get assistance here more quickly.

We are discovering that the program seems to default to start automatically playing the first track of our DVDs after sitting at any menu for a few moments. Can't seem to figure out where to turn that feature OFF.

We need the DVDs to stay at whatever menu is on screen until the user opts to start playing the DVD. Is there a setting that we have yet to find to actually shut that autoplay feature OFF?

Thank you in advance!

tkrave  2017-06-07 13:21:25 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Wow. That sounds like a bug because I don't think there's a setting for that. It should stay on the menu.
There is an autostart feature but it will not display the menu at all; just play the track when you insert the disc.

phylbert  2017-06-14 14:35:08 ( ID:kgeqgweitzh )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Hi Bob,

Are you perhaps using Motion Menus?

There's a selector on the "Motion Menus" tab of the "DVD Video Global Menu Settings" panel, that lets you specify what happens when the Motion Menu has played out.

You can set it to do nothing, to loop, or to jump in and start playing the tracks.
Perhaps you've got it set to the latter?

The behaviour you describe is quite common on retail DVDs, but it'd be nice to control it.

Question - OUTPUT Failure ... Bug? No.70753
Tom Lewandowski  Mail /  )  2017-06-01 18:25:21 ( )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I've just completed my first BD authoring project in TAW6 and wanted to output the project to a hard disc folder. I pressed the START OUTPUT button and received the error message:

"Can't Extract Keyword 'MediaVolumeSize_25G'"

Does anyone know what this means. The BD project was originally created in TAW5 and was output without problems. After importing the TAW5 project file, the settings remained the same in TAW6. The "SIMULATION" worked fine, as well. The video clips were all imported from an existing BD thus none required re-rendering.

Any thoughts?

tkrave  2017-06-02 14:01:15 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Have you tried contacting user support? They'd know best what that error message means.

Tom Lewandowski  Mail /  )  2017-06-02 16:50:29 ( )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

The demo states that it's NOT supported so, no ... I didn't contact the support staff.

tkrave  2017-06-03 16:59:19 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

For questions about trial versions, I think you can use their Pre-Sales Inquiry form on the contact page:

Does your project exceed 25GB in size? Maybe it has to do with that. Or it could be some kind of bug.

Tom Lewandowski  Mail /  )  2017-06-03 17:55:24 ( )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Maybe I'll try contacting Pegasys regarding that error message.

Yes and no on project size; TAW6 calculates the project at around 35GB, though based on TAW5 projects (which also overestimated project size), it'll like write the project using less than 22GB. All files in the layout are SR compliant and will simply be copied ... not rerendered. I always set output size to "none", anyway, because of TAW's exaggerated project size estimates; I don't want TAW trying to render any files to make them smaller.

However, I did try indicating 50GB output, write to hard disc folder, and write to disc -- but it didn't help. My guess is that TAW6 is trying to apply a 25GB disc size output to a TAW5 project where the project output size was set at NONE.

linonata  2017-06-03 22:07:31 ( ID:fdjeb6efieh )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

To work around this problem, select Custom Target Size, without changing Custom Target Size
In this way the output size of the project remains unchanged

tkrave  2017-06-06 14:09:08 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

TAW6 was updated yesterday and it looks like you ran into a bug. Download the latest version and hopefully you won't run into this issue again.

Here's the line from the revision history:

"Fixed: Could not start output because an error occurred when a Blu-ray (BDMV) project exceeded the estimated output size of 25 GB. "

Tom Lewandowski  Mail /  )  2017-06-09 05:25:26 ( )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

The update did the trick with my output error.

Question - Creating custom menus in TAW 6 - Is it possible? No.70751
Roger  Mail /  )  2017-05-31 03:16:00 ( ID:zxhjy9f5iur )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I am using a trial version of TAW 6 and wonder if there is a way to create custom menues without using buttons from TAW? I did create the menu using the Menu Wizard and did choose "Create Custom Menu by Choosing Layout and Items".

It seems like there is impossible to create a text item and use that text item as a button and it seems *totally impossible* to delete a "Thumbnail of Chapter" and the "Play Track Button" and thus making a custom menu impossible to create. I don´t want a thumbnail.

I like the interface of TAW and the fact that chapter markers created in Premiere Pro carries over from Premiere Pro to TAW when using the "TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in AVC for Premiere Pro" but it seems like a no-go to create a 100% custom menu.

What have i missed?

tkrave  2017-05-31 13:03:05 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

It's true that you can't make a completely 100% custom menu with TAW6, but it is not impossible to do what you are asking; I think you just overlooked the options that are available.

There is an option to create text buttons when making a custom menu; for the play/page buttons, it's the first item in the list of all the button styles. Select that, and then you can edit the button text to say whatever you want.
If you don't want thumbnails, simply choose a layout that is text only (the layouts that end in "D" are text only).

You can't delete menu items that are there by default, but you can choose whether to show them or not by going to the Global Menu Settings --> Item Display tab, and then unchecking the items you don't want shown. This is how you disable the play button or any other button you want to disable.

It would be nice if you could create custom buttons where you add an image or text item and then assign a function to it, but unfortunately, TAW6 doesn't work like that.

Roger  Mail /  )  2017-06-02 21:26:29 ( ID:zxhjy9f5iur )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Thanks for the answer!

The issue with so limited options for linking buttons, setting End Actions on timelines, to easily choose to create a custom menu with let´s say three buttons were button 1 plays timeline 1, button 2 plays timeline 2, etc is the very reason i won´t buy TAW 6.

It would be great if Pegasys would make a version with two "modes":
One mode is the way it works today and the other mode, let´s call it advanced, gives the user the power to create 100% custom menus with buttons you can easily link, or re-link and the ability to have total control over what happens when each timeline reach it´s end.

Today i use Adobe Encore CS6 and have total control over menues/buttons/end actions, etc but there are several things in TAW 6 that makes Encore feel like an old dinasour.

TAW really shines but the big disadvantage is the automation of menues, buttons etc. Automation can be good, but it can also be a disaster. For example, i created a project with three timelines and when i changed the menu TAW failed to "see" timeline 2 and timeline 3 despite the Play All button on the menu. If i had better in-application-control over button linking i could have fixed that but now i had to create a brand new project.

I really hope that this will change, but it feels that it will not since TAW 5 behaved the same.

Bug report - Subtitles layout headache No.70734
JeanPaulo  Mail /  )  2017-05-22 21:57:41 ( ID:jeltb9zrij. )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I found a serious problem in V6 (and a lesser one).

First, the lesser one: When you edit subtitles, there is a frame that allow you to position the subtitle higher or lower on the screen.
This is wery useful for a 16/9 'Cinemascope' movie with black bands.

However, this can only be made ligne by ligne, and quite impossible for a movie with 1400 titles!

Second a very troubling problem. When you edit the titles you frequently load them several times (after outer corrections)

Then a message says that you can load them (.srt), but you may loose the layout. If Not, you just have done nothing.

But if you say 'yes', you LOOSE completely the layout, even if you set one as default for the whole usage, and return to a non descript large font covering a 1/3 of the frame.

You must restart again the layout défintion...

JeanPaulo  Mail /  )  2017-05-25 21:10:48 ( ID:jeltb9zrij. )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I just received a message from support that gives the solution to the first problem: How to change the position of all subs at once.

>if you want to change the position of all subtitles at once, try this:
- in Subtitle edit > import your subtitles
- in Edit menu > choose Edit layout >
Subtitle position: choose the position and the setting should be applied
to all subtitles. <

In fact, I have to use the option "x% from picture border" (second line of the menu 'center', bottom'...), and then it will put the subtitles in a better position for all titles.

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