TMPGEnc Net Forum - Terms of Use

The aim of the TMPGEnc Net Forum is to provide users with an easy way to exchange opinions and knowledge about how to use our software. We kindly ask everybody who joins the Forum to respect our rules and to help us create a nice atmosphere at the Forum. Please refer to our support request page, if you have direct customer support related enquiries for our series of TMPGEnc retail products.

The following are the "terms of use" for the Forum. Please read them and make sure that you understand them fully before you start using the Forum. From the moment you post your first message, you agree to abide to all terms of use governing this web site and understand all terms of use as stated below. The terms of use applies to any matter regarding the TMPGEnc Forum.

The following matters are prohibited at the Forum
Administrator reserves the right to change the terms of use without prior notice, to delete messages (posts) or remove user accounts without prior notice, and to claim indemnification if a user has been posting a message(s):

  • related to copyright infringement (including but not limited to matters related to copying of commercial DVDs or circumvention of CSS encryption). This however, does not cover copying of non-commercial DVD Videos recorded with a standalone DVD recorder or created with DVD authoring software.
  • related to the use of file sharing software and how to download copyright protected material (e.g. movies)
  • including slander, abuse, and defamation of character or providing disadvantages to users, Administrator, or any other individual or party
  • pretending to be a forum administrator or/and an individual other than herself/himself
  • concerning election campaigns or religious activities
  • including violent, abusive, or obscene language
  • regarding purchase and sale of goods and services
  • that are against or which violate Japanese law or the law of any other country
  • including quotations from copyrighted material without permission from the writer
  • with information about or links to a website which is related to one of more of the above matters
  • that in one way or the other related to one or more of the above matters
  • Asking specific users to answer/advise by making a new thread / topic.
  • with requests for step-by-step instructions
  • with requests for e-mail replies

General guidelines
Please use the Forum for constructive discussions and questions which may be beneficial for everybody. Also, please avoid:

  • asking questions about matters which have already been explained at TMPGEnc's website
  • posting messages in upper case (capital letters) only
  • asking questions for which you easily can find answers elsewhere on the Internet
  • asking questions which have already been asked and answered (please use the search function to look for answers before you post a new question)
  • asking questions regarding basic technical terms (which you can find information about elsewhere on the Internet)
  • using the Forum as a personal chat space and for discussion of personal matters
  • being bad mannered
  • posting long and unclear messages
  • posting messages which may cause disputes
  • posting questions about the use of Windows or other unrelated software
Before posting a question, please visit the FAQ page.
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