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Bug report TMPG4 not as many options for QT and worse quality? 3dtpi 2 2010-04-12 18:52:30
Question New nVidia Drivers Stan 1 2010-02-05 08:35:15
Question best mpeg-2 encoding settings at 15 Mbps benoitm 0 2010-01-25 11:05:54
Question License Validation jday 1 2010-01-22 18:07:37
Question tmpge izzy 1 2010-01-20 10:02:31
Question How to optimize TMPGEnc 4.0 on Vista 64 HP? Paulhs 3 2010-01-25 18:10:05
Question Split Files Using KeyFrames sla200x 2 2010-01-18 18:38:04
Question Spursengine... Leadtek card quits working/appearing rbc 1 2010-01-17 04:24:34
Question Can't open m2ts files taylorcmatt 1 2010-03-01 00:28:56
Question What to Consider to Improve Encoding Speed? Montana 1 2010-03-01 00:32:15
Question Quicktime MOV Convert Stevie 1 2010-02-13 01:55:39
Question tmpgenc xpress hngor 1 2010-02-20 19:45:37

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Bug report - TMPG4 not as many options for QT and worse quality? No.59261
3dtpi  Mail /  )  2010-01-27 01:45:29 ( ID:tdu9asbpytm )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I noticesd this about TMPG 4 ( jan11th2010 build -latest so far)
The quicktime options(settings) are really disapointing.. We own a Quicktime Pro license on this computer and TMPG4 does not even pickup that I have QTpro. .so the QT render functions are super limited to what I can do-- I was hoping TMPG4 would let me batch out qt movies better than doing every movie individually thru QTpro..but TMPG4 definatly is not worth using for QT (ex: H264 QT output render only lets me select "quality"- I did a test TMPG4 vs QTpro render and both set to best the QTpro(H264 all options set to auto and quality to best) movie rendered smaller file size and better video quality-TMPG4 movie was more washed out- also the same frame on both videos TMPG had somehow lost a frame it was off by 1 frame in the rendered movie 1280x720 59.94fps(and even in cut-edit room the same frame was not same frame as viewed thru qt player-acctually off by 2 frames in cut-edit room). The TMPG4 qt movie: 71mb the QTpro rendered movie: 52mb thats a BIG difference if the settings were set IDENTICALY!
It acctualy will pay off to take extra time and render each movie seperatly thru QTpro than to batch them at once in TMPG4.. a shame since i like tmpg and for other formats seems to be worth using..

RENDERED from a original file that is 17mb 1280x720 59.94fps .MP4(extention)

PLEASE FIX QT bugginess in TMPG4.. so that:
1)the tmpg4 BEST options render what QTpro Best options render to
2)if one owns qtpro it will detect it and there will be more options for rendering
3)set so that frame # in source qt file is the same in cut-edit room in TMPG4 (currently off by 2 frames ex: fram420 is 418 in cut-edit room)

averan  Mail /  )  2010-04-10 19:14:20 ( ID:aezvk9n2pl6 )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

i second the motion.
QT formats like h.264 are the de-facto standard delivery format nowadays, i used to use TMPGEnc for all my video conversions but haven't touched it in a year because of its super lame use of QT. i simply cannot deliver the quality i need with the limited options available.

tkrave  2010-04-12 18:52:30 ( ID:lgrl8ryjzyl )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Why not use the MPEG-4 AVC output profile for H.264 encoding? Unless you absolutely have to have the .mov extension...

Question - New nVidia Drivers No.59259
Stan  2010-01-27 00:33:56 ( ID:k4tnkxecrgw )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I've noticed that nVidia has released a new version of their drivers (i.e. 196.21) and was wandering if anyone knows if the compatibility problems the latest update from TMPG Xpress have been fixed. I'm referring here to the problem with using CUDA capability, which causes the Xpress to crash if not disabled or use an older (pre-CUDA 3.0) nVidia drivers.

Stan  2010-02-05 08:35:15 ( ID:n.st5sh/bnl )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I tested the new nVidia drivers and can confirm that they work TMPGEnc Xpress now. Thanks to Pegasys for advising us (NOT!). What a lousy customer service they have. I know it wasn't (probably ) their fault, but at least they should have an audacity to tell us it's been fixed.

Question - best mpeg-2 encoding settings at 15 Mbps No.59258
benoitm  Mail /  )  2010-01-25 11:05:54 ( ID:whrqtudrlcm )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I want to archive my PAL DV tapes to a near lossless format (I can't just keep DV as my mediaplayer device (WD TV HD) doesn't support AVI DV files).

After some testing, I quickly gave up with formats like MPEG4 or VC1, because of imperfect interlacing support (I want to keep interlacing as deinterlacing would dramatically change the perceived quality of the video)

Since I have no size limits, and my goal is to achieve "near lossless" encoding, I tried converting to Mpeg-2 using the following parameters:

VBR 100%
DC Component precision: 10 bit
Motion search precision: High
GOP: I, P pictures only
Low-pass filter on color channels: disabled

all other settings are left to their defaults.

(Source: PAL DV interlaced 4:3)

Problem: in some scenes with lots of "difficulties" (many small details, like small leaves, etc.) the resulting output is disappointing compared to the source: there is quite some mosquito noise around sharp edges, blocky color patches and other artifacts in the "busy scenes"; note that the camcorder used is a reputable DV SD one, producing very detailed images and known for very high sharpness for SD resolution (SONY TRV900). I was hoping that going from 25 Mbps DV to 15 Mbps mpeg-2 would be nearly lossless, the decrease in total bitrate being "absorbed" by the IP encoding scheme; obviously it is NOT the case.

Question: to achieve the goal (best visual quality & essentially no constraints, except bitrate limit for MP@ML = 15 Mbps) what should I change in the encoding settings ? Should I e.g. change the quantization matrix (what settings ?). Is it necessary to keep IPB GOP vs IP, despite the high bitrate ?

(Interestingly, while in other situations the TmpgEnc mpeg-2 encoder yields better results (at "DVD" bitrates: 4 to 8 Mbps) than my editing program (Avid Liquid 7.2), in this case, I get less artifacts with the latter outputting 15 Mbps mpeg-2 (IPB) than TmpgEnc using the above settings (IP).)

Thanks !

Question - License Validation No.59256
jday  Mail /  )  2010-01-21 18:49:46 ( ID:7rndjjtj4ta )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I am having problems validating my license, I just purchased a new license and now have two licenses on my account. I am trying to put the new license on my computer and it comes up with the old Serial and will not let me change it nor will it validate the old license. My other comp has the other license and it works so I need to get this one to the new license ? I uninstalled and reinstalled the old number is still there?

Please help.

tkrave  2010-01-22 18:07:37 ( ID:lgrl8ryjzyl )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

You need to remove the license file from the application data folder.

Go to C:\Documents and Settings\(whatever your user name is)\Application Data\Pegasys Inc\TMPGEnc4XP

and then delete the .lic file.

Question - tmpge No.59254
izzy  Mail /  )  2010-01-19 22:53:55 ( ID:zgn69/nxxvn )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

tried to convert an avi file but it says audio part can't be opened anyone knows how to fix this problem thanks.

Mathew Lisett  Mail / Home )  2010-01-20 10:02:31 ( ID:saqvxdrmmwa )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

use nandub to demux the audio to wav.

import the video with xpress and then in its audio section import the wav and done.

Question - How to optimize TMPGEnc 4.0 on Vista 64 HP? No.59250
Paulhs  Mail /  )  2010-01-18 00:31:46 ( ID:exrjh2avvhf )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I just installed TMPGEnc 4.0 on a Windows Vista 64 Home Preimum machine. It has a Q9300 quad proc, 8GB ram, 640GB HD, Nvida 9800GT video. I am initially pleased with results but was wondering how best to optimize the system for efficient encoding. I have enabled CUDA and it handles about 10 to 15% of the load on most jobs. I look at the performance monitor from the task manager shows all four cores at about 70% and disk I/O at about 5 MB/s. I was thinking I should see the cores nearly maxed at 100% and a higher level of disk I/O? What controls should I set to optimize the system?

tkrave  2010-01-18 18:41:47 ( ID:lgrl8ryjzyl )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

It's possible that the decoder isn't as fast as your processor, so the processor will have no choice but to wait for the decoder to do it's thing. Hard drive disk speed can also limit the processor speed.

Paulhs  Mail /  )  2010-01-18 23:17:45 ( ID:exrjh2avvhf )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Hi Tkrave,

Thank you for the reply. The decoder is ffdshow for an XviD AVI file. Is there a faster one to choose. Lots of settings available on this one also but not sure what is right. The HD is a SATA 7200 RPM 750G model. No other aps are running accept Norton Internet Security Suite. It a very new system and nearly empty in terms of HD so defrag can not be a problem. TMPGnc has some settings in the preferences menu "Prefetch video" and "Prefetch audio", it seems like these should help. I have plenty of RAM to use but I am not sure what they should be set to. By default they were un-checked and set to zero. What do think?

tkrave  2010-01-25 18:10:05 ( ID:lgrl8ryjzyl )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I was doing some reading up on this, and hard drive speed may not decrease your encoding times enough to make it cost effective.
Decoders vary in how they use the processor. Check out this thread at

As for the prefetch settings, mine are set to 64 for video and 8 for audio by default so maybe you should start from there and see if it makes a difference. I've never actually used these settings myself so I'm not sure how effective they are.

Question - Split Files Using KeyFrames No.59247
sla200x  Mail /  )  2010-01-16 12:04:47 ( ID:ic1fcugnzxk )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I am ripping my promo music Video and converting to MP4. TMPGEnc 4.0 correctly places the keyframes @ the start of each music video on the DVD. Can TMPGEnc 4.0 use these keyframe markers to create individual files. I know you can use Split function but it limits you to only 30 splits per file. My DVDs each have over 40 videos so this limitation means it I cannot do all in one sitting.


Stan  2010-01-17 00:52:51 ( ID:wgz3yjlhi5m )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I've already learned the hard way what these type of applications can or can't do when it comes to importing files from BD, which is what you were trying to do in this case (i.e. m2ts). The biggest issue is the audio that's encoded in the m2ts files. id audio is DTS or trueHD AC3 most like result would be it won't be imported correctly. Check which audio input format is supported. You will notice it is only plain AC3 with maximum of 5.1 channels, which means their BD support is very limited. Before importing those files into TNPGEnc Xpress, you will have to convert audio into the format the application can support before trying to convert it. If you baught this application to convert you BD to be played on portables than you might have waste your money.

tkrave  2010-01-18 18:38:04 ( ID:lgrl8ryjzyl )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I don't think there's a way to use the keyfames to split clips; you'll just have to use the clip split feature manually. Didn't know about the 30 split limit. I think you don't have much of a choice but to split what you can and then split the remainder after output.

Question - Spursengine... Leadtek card quits working/appearing No.59245
rbc  Mail /  )  2010-01-16 06:11:20 ( ID:87sew/.hqy6 )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I just installed the Leadtek Spursengine card a few days ago. It seemed to work fine and really sped up my encoding.. but then it started "disappearing" on me, and Tmpgenc gives me an error. If I look in the device manager prior to starting my encode, all appears normal, and I see the card under the Sound/Video controllers section. Once Tmpgenc starts to want to use it, it disappears, and Tmpgenc tells me there's an error. I can restart the computer and it's there once again, but it may disappear again once I try to use it. If anyone has a thought about what to do, I would appreciate it.

Here are my system specs:
Asus P5N-E SLI Mobo
Intel Core 2 Extreme Q6800 CPU (Quad core)
Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit
SATA 2TB RAID array (striped)
Leadtek PXVC 1100 using latest drivers
TMPGenc w/latest updates

rbc  Mail /  )  2010-01-17 04:24:34 ( ID:87sew/.hqy6 )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Just thought I would leave my resolution to this problem...

I uninstalled the Spursengine card in Device Manager, restarted the computer, and manually reinstalled it, and it works (at least for now).

In case anyone is interested in the performance of it, it shaves about an hour and a half to two hours off of my encoding time.

Source file: AVCHD 1920x1080, interlaced, w/stereo DD, ~20mbps VBR
Target file: MPEG-2 720x480, MP@ML, interlaced, letterboxed, 5mbps VBR

The footage really looks good considering it's only a one-pass VBR encode. I think TMPGEnc can do slightly better in terms of quality by itself, but it takes about an hour longer, so I can live with it. The difference is negligible.

Without the SpursEngine, it takes about 3:45 to transcode the footage, which is a little over an hour long. With the SpursEngine, time is reduced to 1:35.

Question - Can't open m2ts files No.59243
taylorcmatt  Mail /  )  2010-01-15 02:59:07 ( ID:wr2sohr7efc )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I just purchased TE4XP_Retail_4.7.4.299_setup_en and I am unable to covert blu ray m2ts files ripped with Slysoft AnyDVDHD. Any input would be much appreacited. I have uninstalled two times deleted the reg entries and still no working.


Rosco64209  Mail /  )  2010-03-01 00:28:56 ( ID:ptw2koe57hj )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

You have to convert the dtshd audio to ac3 and also Truehd to ac3. You will have to use Eac3to,a program which is very specific and mostly command line based or something like it(a program that downconverts DTSHD and TrueHD streams. All blurays have a combination of DTSHD, TRUEHD, and LPCM. Blurays with LPCM usually have two audio tracks, one being lpcm and the other being ac3.

My suggestion is to learn Eac3to, I didn't at first, and later relized that it was hidden treasure. You can the lastest version from

Good Luck

Question - What to Consider to Improve Encoding Speed? No.59241
Montana  Mail /  )  2010-01-15 00:08:36 ( ID:70w8za3dvlc )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

What are the top consideration to improve the speed to encode files in general? I am using AVCHD files from a Canon Camcorder and taking them to WMVHD right now. Is it quad processor, graphics card memory and speed?

I currently have an HP Core 2 Quad Q6700 with an NVIDIA 8600 GT and 4GB of RAM. I'm not sure what all would improve my encoding speed. I did about an hour of video from AVCHD and encoded to WMVHD and it took about 7 hours. Do I need an i7 processor now, 8GB memory, faster card, etc.

Rosco64209  Mail /  )  2010-03-01 00:32:15 ( ID:ptw2koe57hj )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

If you have windows 7 64bit with those specs, you should fine. Unless you want to spend thousands of dollars for the latest gear, that would only knock a hour off a wmvhd conversion. Check this out

Question - Quicktime MOV Convert No.59239
Stevie  Mail /  )  2010-01-14 21:52:48 ( ID:ejift.qaxdk )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I'm unable to convert a Quicktime movie file in TMPgenc Xpress4 when this *.mov file has no embedded audio.
Meaning, the audio is not rendered inside the mov file but plays localy from a server.
When trying to convert it, it keeps asking for a wav file.

Anyone care to try ?


UJ  2010-02-13 01:55:39 ( ID:wtpt1k4zkfa )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

Using Quicktime Pro export the audio to WAV and use this as your audio for TMPGEnc.

Question - tmpgenc xpress No.59237
hngor  2010-01-14 11:23:18 ( ID:ipgcih3uhul )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]


I saw that a new version of tmpgenc xpress is available in german and in japanese and I want to know if there will be a french version? If yes when?

Thanks in advance.

Phoenix  2010-02-20 19:45:37 ( ID:zz2naspzovj )   [ Delete / Reply with quotation ]

I myself am French and I find it a pity not to have my software in French, when a file "language.ini" for "tmpgenc xpress 4" and "mpeg editor 3"

to translate or even its software duly paid, if the publisher has not the courage to do it

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