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Question - latest update won't install - no clue why No.71596
benoitm  2020-08-31 21:51:07 ( ID:bqo2o.1l24f )  

I am a happy TMSR5 user since many years.
I have fully licensed up and running on my Win10/1903 machine.
When I run the installer, I get a "The specified acccount already exists" message, then the installation rolls back & aborts.

I have no clue....Any idea ???

The A/V on this machine is Windows' built-in Windows Security

benoitm  2020-09-08 21:05:22 ( ID:bqo2o.1l24f )  

Dear TMPGEnc,

Please answer this question !
I tried to fill a Support request, but when validating the questionnaire, I allways get "CUDA function has not been entered."


Jacques  Mail / Home )  2020-09-09 00:19:07 ( ID:hhpsbva1z9h )  

Same problem here. The update ends with the same error message.

WorBry  2020-09-26 10:58:54 ( ID:uzrozo6zhl6 )  

Having exactly the same issue. You'd think they would have fixed it by now.

WorBry  2020-10-01 12:16:38 ( ID:uzrozo6zhl6 )  

I've reported the issue to Technical Support.

WorBry  2020-10-01 23:42:53 ( ID:uzrozo6zhl6 )  

OK, this was the response from Technical Support:

"The error "The specified account already exists" occurred during installation or uninstallation.

If the error happens, some functions of the Windows installer may not work properly.

Please try the following troubleshooting tool provided by Microsoft.

If the above download link is not available, please download it from the following link."

What worked for me was running the MicrosoftProgram_Install_and_Uninstall.meta.diagcab file from the second download link. It scans for problems and then asks 'Are you having a problem installing or uninstalling a problem ?'. I chose 'uninstalling'. It then checks the registry and gives a list of programs to choose from. Select TMPGenc MPEG Smart Renderer 5 on the list. It then asks 'Uninstall and clean-up ?'. Select 'Yes, try uninstall'. It then fixed the problem and I was able to install version successfully.

Hope that helps others.

benoitm  2020-10-13 02:13:23 ( ID:bqo2o.1l24f )  


That worked for me too, thanks for sharing !

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