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Question - 3:2 pulldown with 59.94 to 24 fps - how do I... No.71597
benoitm  2020-09-01 21:14:06 ( ID:bqo2o.1l24f )  

I have a 59.94 progressive source for media that is originally 24p.
What settings should I use to achieve 3:2 pulldown & transcode to 1080p24 ??

benoitm  2020-09-01 21:19:22 ( ID:bqo2o.1l24f )  

or will setting the output fps to 24-progressive just work by magic ?
Remember the source is 59.94 *progressive*

benoitm  2020-09-01 21:58:39 ( ID:bqo2o.1l24f )  

just did a quick test without any filter and plain conversion with 59.94p as input and 24p at encode stage: as one could expect, the result is an alternance of moments with perfect motion and moments with stuttering....
So, please what filter settings should I use for this scenario ?
Source is DNxHR in MOV container.

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