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Question - Convert HDR to SDR - color problem. No.71547
Bullhead  2020-07-19 18:39:55 ( ID:ofa1wh4jsk6 )  

TVMW7 - convert HDR source to any output SDR format - no problem. BUT. Colors. Default change ColorProfile not correctly recompute colorspace. Colors in SDR video from HDR source is faded. I tested "Color Correction" filter, but any setting not correctly set SDR color.

Is any possibility correctly recompute colors when convert HDR source do SDR destination in TVME7?

thanks for info

Bullhead  2020-08-11 09:27:06 ( ID:ihigapn18/2 )  

How my fault!:-) In EDIT page is needed use COLOR MANAGMENT page, and then in FORMAT page COLOR PROFILE page. Eee on two places same information/settings but OK. Colors after HDR to SDR conversion is "aggressive", but i test TONE MAPPING.

= all is ok:-)

Bullhead  2020-08-15 18:41:49 ( ID:ihigapn18/2 )  

After many many days of experiments and many many days of encoding - HDR to SDR conversion in TVMW7 not work corretly/very bad implementation. Colors always "burn out". I check HDR source (2160p and 1080p) on HDR display, SDR source (2160p and 1080p) on SDR/HDR display and compare with reencoded HDR to SDR in TVMW7 (2160p and too 1080p) - colors always "unreal" and brightness to high (always). Small details destroyed. Yes i check many combinations of WorkingColorSpace, ToneMapping and Maximum Luminance, combinations of input Working Color Space (primaries and transfer) and Color profile - nothing correct this. And filter "Color Correction" too useless.

TVMW7 encoding HDR do SDR - Perfect
TVMW7 encoding SDR to SDR - Perfect
TVMW7 encoding HDR to SDR - Inapplicable:-(

Bullhead  2020-08-16 00:14:44 ( ID:ihigapn18/2 )  

...correction (typing error)

TVMW7 encoding HDR do HDR - Perfect
TVMW7 encoding SDR to SDR - Perfect
TVMW7 encoding HDR to SDR - Inapplicable:-(

bullhead  2020-08-24 20:04:45 ( ID:ihigapn18/2 )  

...i check others SW (FFMPEG, RipBoot264 etc.) and result:
- conversion BT2020(HDR) to BT709(SDR) in *ALL(!)* others sw WITHOUT PROBLEM
- conversion BT2020(HDR) to BT709(SDR) in VMW7 just NOT WORK:-(

All other freeware(!) SW corretly transfer colors, in paid VMW7 color
burnt out, detail lost etc.:-(((


p.s. ...example for working conversion:
"c:\Program Files\FFmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe" -i ":\" -vf zscale=t=linear:npl=100,format=gbrpf32le,zscale=p=bt709,tonemap=tonemap=hable:desat=0,zscale=t=bt709:m=bt709:r=tv,format=yuv420p -c:v libx265 -crf 18 -preset faster -map 0 -c:a copy ":\"

= first encoding in FFMPEG (convert BT2020 to BT709), second encoding in VMW7 to final format - this is not a long-term solution:-(((

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