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Question - Transfer licence to new computer? No.71579
Mark Appleton  Mail /  )  2020-08-18 01:53:50 ( ID:.utir7ul0yl )  

I am about to build a new computer and would like to transfer my Authoring Works 6 licence from my old computer to it - is there a way to do this?

Many thanks,

Mark A.

Derek Carpenter  Mail /  )  2020-08-24 07:56:51 ( ID:abel8foeffl )  

As I understand it this is allowed under the licence.
Just make sure you have your valid key details, save any projects/templates etc. that you want to keep then uninstall it from your old computer.
Do a clean install on your new machine and using your licence code it should connect to the internet and activate it on your new machine.
Just make sure your old machine does not also try to re-activate it.

See here:

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