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Question - Menu: replace buttons/images with text? No.71457
George  2020-04-21 03:56:23 ( ID:tk4atumv4xo )  

Hello everyone.

Title says all. I'd like to replace buttons (Chapter, Play etc.) with plain text, in order to use other languages for example. But it seems plain text cannot function as a Menu Link?

I've just created a "Note" page and it adds the 'Note' and 'Return' buttons. Am I stuck with images as buttons/links or is there a way to do this?

I guess I can export any text as image and import it into AW6 replacing whatever I like, but it's overkill.

George  2020-04-21 07:51:57 ( ID:tk4atumv4xo )  

One workaround I just thought of: replace the button image with a transparent gradation (using Source File Settings/Browse with Source Wizard) and then place the desired text on top of it.

Well... not a bad idea, but highlight colors are rendered useless this way I think. Back to the drawing board. Anyone?

George  2020-04-21 22:06:03 ( ID:tk4atumv4xo )  

I've located a helpful answer by tkrave (text button style, link below). I'll try to work with that and see what happens. It's the first time I try a proper menu with Authoring Works. Its menu system was always confusing to me and very unattractive to use. It ultimately does have its logic though. Hopefully, more freedom will be given to the user in v7.

tkrave  2020-04-24 13:13:27 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

Yeah, sounds like Text buttons are the best choice for you.

The menu editor in Authoring Works has been something I've wanted updated for a long long long time. It's basically been the same since the first version I've used back in 2006! It really needs to be more customizable, where you can create your own pages and menu structure, place your own buttons and assign the appropriate function. The menu editor is the weakest part of the software in my opinion.

George  2020-05-04 08:02:38 ( ID:tk4atumv4xo )  

Thank you, tkrave. I managed to create an acceptable menu, after the initial struggle. I guess it's not possible to combine both image AND text buttons.

Yes, I hope they finally put some real work on the Menu editor. I can't imagine what else is left to improve. Adding ready-made template packs and 8K/16K/32K/64K (I'll stop here...) video support is not really that exciting, or helpful any more.

George  2020-05-06 20:07:58 ( ID:8gpzkotiae6 )  

...and DTS support would be nice, but I guess we can forget about that.

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