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Question - Using mastering works on Gopro videos No.71456
Ghost Rider  Mail /  )  2020-04-19 08:47:15 ( ID:j5vig.rzsum )  

Hello forum members,

Last year I demoed and bought Video Authoring work 6 and today I am demoing Mastering works.

I make Goprp mountain bike videos. Mostly for myself I am looking to improve the video. I have a Gopro Hero 5 and I know upgrading to a hero 7 might be the biggest improvement. For the time being I am recording in 1080 at 60fps. I then opened and trimmed each file in VMW7 and ran the stabilizing filter at the default setting. I batch processed the analyzing processed. This is more of a test run. I did use the filter on one video to see if I could tell.

Can anyone give suggestions on other settings and filters that may improve my videos?

tkrave  2020-04-24 13:03:26 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

It's hard to say without seeing the source footage. There are some more artistic things you can do though, like adjusting the color balance to make colors pop more, or do black and white/sepia effects. There are quite a few filters that can create some neat effects like the glitch noise filter.

Remember that the default list of filters is not the full list; you can edit the list to see all of the filters available.

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