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Question - First Play video not playing on compiled DVD No.71450
Good Knight  Mail /  )  2020-03-28 21:04:44 ( ID:kb1jb2p9edw )  

I have a DVD I'm trying to Author which needs to have a copyright video play at the beginning prior to the top menu.

I have imported this video as a First Play track. When I simulate the DVD in the TMPGEnc Auhoring Works it plays the copyright video correctly before the menu pops up. But in the final compiled DVD it just goes straight to the opening menu.

I can see the Copyright video has been burnt to the disk, as it is it's own VOB file, but it doesn't play.

I have tried all three of the different options for 'Play what on insert', nothing works.

I have even tried making it into a non firstplay track, just making it a regular video track and telling the software to play that first before going to a menu. Once again it plays correctly during simulation, but not on the compiled DVD.

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