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Question - Custom menu links for special features page No.71448
Good Knight  Mail /  )  2020-03-25 03:14:03 ( ID:5opklhuintn )  

I'm producing a DVD for a film. It consists of:

- The Film in both stereo and 5.1
- Film subtitles
- Directors commentary of film
- The trailer
- Behind the scenes video

I have made a separate special features menu with the trailer and the behind the scenes video on it. I would like to have a link to the directors commentary on that same Special Features page. But because it is an audio track of the main film, the only way I seem to be able to access it is in the audio setup page automatically generated for the film (track 1)

Is it possible to do this in this software? It seems like it shouldn't be a problem just to add a custom link but the interface feels very locked down.

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