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Question - Having trouble with audio stream No.71432
Snoopy329  Mail /  )  2020-02-19 07:08:15 ( ID:jhjdqv.0acr )  

So, I am importing a video file (in MKV format) into Works 7 which has 2 audio tracks. For some reason, I am getting 1 audio track imported. I am new to this so maybe I am missing something. Any suggestions?

DennisH  Mail /  )  2020-03-18 03:55:52 ( ID:anadtyd6gmr )  

When you've loaded the video file go into the 'Clip Properties'. Here you can select the other audio stream.

Nrgte  2020-06-29 23:04:22 ( ID:7q.axe2ovzm )  

I cannot see this property, is this a new thing? I'm still on TVMW6.

Bullhead  2020-07-09 07:46:06 ( ID:ds5wrg5sn/a )  

…I have same problem, My opinion – TVMW7 support only one audio track:-(

@DennisH – in “Clip Properties” is possibility select only ONE track, no more track at the same time

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