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Question - UHD blu-ray compliment output file? No.71376
bob  Mail /  )  2019-10-02 00:07:29 ( ID:7d5b7quket6 )  

I do a lot of 4K/UHD editing and encoding with the plan to transfer the outputted files to a UHD Blu-ray once they become commercially available.

I have requested an option for a UHD Blu-ray compliment output file, but just get a generic 'we have passed you request to the development' message in reply - surely this could be added, budget software DVDFab UHD Creator supports it.

My question is, can you configure the current encoding settings to output a file that will be UHD Blu-ray compliant file as you can for standard Blu-ray and DVD?

i.e. a file that wouldn't need re-encoding when/if TMPGEnc Authoring Works supports UHD Blu-ray.

Thanks in advance,

tkrave  2019-10-02 14:41:11 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

You probably could, you just need to know the specifications.

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