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Question - Encode comes out with higher bitrate than specified No.71362
Roger  2019-09-06 01:05:27 ( ID:zxhjy9f5iur )  

I am using a trial version of Mastering Works 7 and do notice that the encodes i do come out with a higher bitrate than i specified.

If i for example export 1080p25 using the "MPEG for Blu-ray File Output" and set the Level to 4.1 and Scantype to Progressive (2:2 Pulldown) and set the Rate Control Mode to CBR and set the Bitrate to 4.0 the encoded file comes out with a bitrate of 4.3.

I see the same thing with 720p50 encodes as well, iow that the bitrate i specify in MW7 is not obeyed by the encoder. Some fluctuation is normal, but not as much as this.

Why does it happen and how can it be solved?

Roger  2019-09-06 01:40:30 ( ID:zxhjy9f5iur )  

After further testing it seems that the CBR option is broken in MW7.

If i set it to VBR 1-Pass and set the Bitrate to 4 and Maximum Bitrate to 4 the file come out as expected, iow with a bitrate of 4.

When can we expect a fix for this? :)

atten  Mail / Home )  2020-03-16 15:45:38 ( ID:5wgabsp6maf )  

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