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Question - Using on two computers? No.71299
TrvisBckle63  Mail /  )  2019-06-15 02:50:38 ( ID:rdlzrzhzabk )  

Can I use this software on two computers? I have a massive tape collection reaching into the several thousands at the moment I'm ripping tapes with Virtualdub as lossless files and then making DVD's but it's just too time consuming so I'm building another PC from bits I have lying around so I can rip on one and make DVD's on the other it would just be handy if I was able to have it on both for choice, I do also have version 5, Thanks.

tkrave  2019-06-27 14:33:37 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

You can only use a license on one computer. Using it on more than one might cause a license suspension and you'll have to contact Pegasys to unlock it. If you still have version 5, just use that on one machine and version 6 on the other.

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