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Question - Is there a new Version V7 planned? Release date of English Version? No.71257
HP  Mail /  )  2019-04-29 03:19:45 ( ID:fdgxgoimmkc )  


I have found "TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works" with Version 7 in Japanese Language on your homepage.

Is there a soon release date for english or german already planned?

Matthias  Mail /  )  2019-04-29 18:00:36 ( ID:bxxfqvauell )  

This is a question I am also interested in. I am waiting to buy version 7 because I don't want to spend the money twice. But I never saw an official statement of pegasys, beside release notes there ist not much communication from the company.

For version 6 it took roughly have a year for an English/German version (Japan release 19. December 2014, English relelase 14. May 2015.

Japan release of version 7 was 27. November 2018, so I have hope that the western version is coming soon...

Best regards

Matthias  2019-06-18 00:24:32 ( ID:vtt4ygbqwsc )  

So it is there, finally...

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