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Question - Can Highlights Fade in? No.71295
hurricane1951  2019-06-10 21:22:21 ( ID:xrrefj2.lio )  

I've created a menu that fades in the links to the tracks. However, the highlights still appear on the menu before the text fades in. Is there a way to make the highlights fade in as well?

tkrave  2019-06-27 14:39:28 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

Go to the Menu editor, click on the Global Menu Settings button. Go to the Motion Menu tab, make sure one of the Motion Menu options is selected, then the option for "Delay Duration for Highlight" should be enabled. This option delays the appearance of the highlights so they can appear after your menu has fully faded-in. Just set the duration to the same duration as the fade-in.

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