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Question - Smart Rendering Analysis (Too Much Re-encoding) No.71153
ukmark62  Mail /  )  2018-12-16 01:50:45 ( ID:hr1m1ptj2qr )  

I'm comparing TMPGEnc SR5 with VideoRedo. Specifically, if I import a .ts file (DVB-T2 Freeview HD UK programmes recorded via USB tuner), and then edit out the commercials and any unwanted parts, VideoRedo only re-encodes at the cut points (usually between 10-20 frames for each cut point), then saving the file is very quick. However, with TMPGEnc SR5, the smart render analysis highlights many other places that will be re-encoded, even though those parts have not been changed in any way. The amount of re-encoding undertaken by SR5 varies for each video file I have, but VideoRedo is consistent in that re-encoding is only performed at cut points. Sometimes, SR5 re-encodes up to 20% or more of the file, even though less than 1% of it has been edited.

I really like SR5 but the amount of re-encoding it does compared with VideoRedo is a deal breaker for me. I can't find a setting to alter the amount of re-encoding performed by SR5, but the smart encoding section does appear to be unreliable and inconsistent vs VideoRedo. Any ideas out there??


tkrave  2018-12-21 04:03:58 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

Do you have the latest version of TMSR5? They are version as of this post.

Did you actually output with TMSR5 or just use the analyzer?

Twyzle  Mail /  )  2019-02-14 08:02:03 ( ID:nfq7o3ltmnr )  

I have to concur with 'ukmark62'on his re-encoding observation. I too was very much surprised to see just how many frames were being re-encoded after a simple unfiltered cut; after all, in the advertising of TMPGEnc SR5, the implication is quite the opposite. In a recent edit of a 2 minute video, (where only 1 cut was being applied), I noticed that 300+ frames were due for re-encoding! The video is a 4K MP4 and runs at 25 fps; so what's that?.....12 seconds of re-encoding in a 2 minute vid...just say it need another cut and maybe another!
One work around I use is to do keyframe cuts only (which sort of defeats the apps purpose), another is to use 2 other freely available programs.
Another thing I've noticed is, if you fade the audio just at the video end - surprisingly, all the audio gets re-encoded.
Although it's not the one-stop quick-grab app I was hoping for; it still does a sturdy job of joining vids (Audio and Video are in synch every time!); it's never crashed and it's GUI is clear and intuitive. close!

rocknight  Mail /  )  2019-06-06 05:32:05 ( ID:awjofucz/2j )  

I have a 4k video of near 2 hours, and I split it in 3 parts of 23 min., it says it reencode almost all the video! and says it takes around 4 hours, I aborted the process after 45 min.

What can be the mistake?

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