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Bug report - Cannot mix PAL/NTSC on Blu-ray No.71255
Roger  2019-04-27 01:54:44 ( ID:rnnk63pldkl )  

The Blu-ray specification allows for authoring mixed media discs. Mixing PAL material on a NTSC disc is allowed and works in Adobe Encore.

In TAW6 i can mix 720p50, 1080i25 and 1080p24 without issues/re-encodings. But, if i create a new project and try to mix 1080i25 and 1080i30 TAW6 will force a re-encode of one of the two files depending on the mode you choosed when you created the project.

If i create a PAL project and import 1080i25 and 1080i30, TAW6 will re-encode the 1080i30 material to 1080i25. If i create a NTSC project and import 1080i25 and 1080i30, TAW6 will re-encode the 1080i25 material to 1080i30.

There are two problems here:
1. The Blu-ray specification do allow 1080i25 and 1080i30 to be authored on the same disc.
2. Converting framerates simply don´t look good, so this bug must be fixed.

Additional info:
The source footage is created by Premiere Pro CC2019 using the TMPGEnc Premiere Pro Plug-in. I can mix the same 1080i25 and 1080i30 footage in Adobe Encore.

This bug must be adressed. :)

Brian Ward  Mail /  )  2019-04-30 01:12:51 ( ID:jsdcor913em )  

I believe the Blu-Ray spec does NOT allow mixed formats within the same TITLE - hence why one of the files is re-encoded and isn't a problem with the software.

To get around this, simply create a second TITLE and add the second file to it. As long as all the files in each title have the same format and resolution, normally no re-encoding will be needed (unless none of the files match the Blu-Ray standard!)

I've done this several times when you want to add a mixed set of files to the same Blu-Ray or DVD. Create as many titles as you need (up to a maximum of 99 on a DVD and, I think, 199 for a Blu-Ray). Creating the menus for multi-title discs is slightly different to adding everything to the same title, but is easy to figure out.

Roger  2019-04-30 05:20:03 ( ID:rnnk63pldkl )  

Thanks Brian, but the Blu-ray spec do indeed allow mixed formats and was one of the big advantages when it was released since DVD´s does not allow mixed formats.

I have send this to the customer support and hope that they will fix it in an upcoming update.

Brian Ward  Mail /  )  2019-05-01 18:09:01 ( ID:jsdcor913em )  

Roger, I should have read your question more closely. It's also difficult to establish what exactly is contained in the Blu-Ray standards!

For HD video, PAL or NTSC should theoretically be irrelevant because of course HD doesn't use either. Because of this I've often wondered why, in TAW, you have to select PAL or NTSC for a blu-ray project, other than if you're adding standard definition content that actually is encoded in PAL or NTSC form. I presume this is a hang over from creating DVD projects, which, as you say, can only be one or the other.

I still don't think you can mix video of different standards, resolution, or framerate etc in the same track without some of the files needing re-encoding. If Blu-Ray supports both PAL and NTSC on the same disc, my guess is this should be allowable at the Track level, but not mixed standards within the same track? (OK, previously I said "Title" - more correctly I should have said "Track").

Roger  2019-05-06 00:44:53 ( ID:rnnk63pldkl )  

I am using a separate clips for each Track in TAW. I never add more than one (1) clip to a Track in TAW. Mixing PAL/NTSC footage in one Track would naturally cause issues/re-encodes. The odd thing is that some PAL/NTSC are ok to mix in TAW6 as i wrote in my first post so to me it indicates that it is a bug since some combinations of PAL and NTSC footage in separate Tracks are O.k though the BD standard can be mixed, be it HD and/or SD.

I tried to trick TAW6 by replacing clips in the BDMV\STREAM folder but that don´t work as expected. If i create a PAL project with two Tracks, one Track with PAL clip and one Track with NTSC clip the NTSC clip will be re-encoded to PAL. If i then do a new NTSC project with the NTSC clip and then swap clips in the BDMV\STREAM so i have one PAL clip and one NTSC clip in that folder there is some metadata that force the Blu-ray player to playback the NTSC clip as some kind of PAL. The player report that the NTSC clip is PAL as well.

If i create a BD-disc in Adobe Encore with the same PAL and NTSC clip my Blu-ray player will report correctly, iow PAL for PAL and NTSC for NTSC.

I hope this will be corrected in a future update of TAW. :)

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