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Bug report - Bugs for encode H.265 No.71241
Jason Chiu  Mail / Home )  2019-04-14 21:15:22 ( ID:ryzj/tnk9k6 )  

Hi Sir/Madam,

I try to convert the video (ts format) to ----> H.265 MKV file.
The video resolution is 1920x 1080

But I found the output file screen is scratches, many small error square holding on the screen in MKV file.

I checked the original file (ts format) by same video player software, but it is normal and no any error/scratches in the same part, so I report to you about this bug issue.

I tried 2 times to convert the video, but still find the same problem in the output file(MKV)

Below is the capture screen between the original file and after encoded file result and send for your comparasion.

1) capture screen (by TS format)
Link :

2) capture screen (after encoded by TMPGENC Video Mastering Works 6)
Link :

If you need more information about the video, please free feel to contact me.
If I can provide any information, I am willing to feedback.

Will you can fix the bug in after version?

Best Regards

Jason Chiu  Mail / Home )  2019-04-15 02:15:37 ( ID:ryzj/tnk9k6 )  

Dear Admin,

For your more information.

I have just tested other programs "mkvtoolnix" & "VidCoder 4.35" to testing whether there is the same problem.

These 2 programs are help to convert *.ts format file to MKV file (H.265).

However, it is no such problem.
So I believe it is a bug in TVMW6_Trial_6.2.10.37_setup_en.

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