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Question - Thumbnails generation is very slow No.71203
matroX  Mail /  )  2019-02-05 01:07:39 ( ID:7duvg/uidw6 )  


When I'm in 'cut' of video file, I suffer from long time to load thumbnails in seek section. When I jump into some point in video, it takes 5-15 seconds for thumbnails to appear. That siginficantly slows down work. Changing time of thumbnails distance doesn't accect. Once I scrolled through video, thumbnails are generated and it's fast. So I would even like to have them generated it production tool or so, so when I start working with clip I already have them.

Are there some factors to change, to make that faster? I have to seek a lot through long file it really affects me.

I see that during seeking, while thumbnails are generated, CPU is loaded signigicantly, 4 cores at 40-50%. Once thumbnails are generated, CPU load goes down. I tried to use GPU/Intel video decoding, but it didn't change anything.

I created RAID0 array from SSDs, to have huge read/write time but it didn't help.

Interesting is that when I jump into somewhere in the file, in preview section I immediately get image, so I assume this can be done almost 'online'. The same I would like to have in thumbnails.

I tried this wit several different input sources and it's the same.

Is there something I can do?

My system is Xeon E5-1620, 16GB RAM, GTX1080.

tkrave  2019-02-06 18:23:52 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

Have you tried increasing the Thumbnail Cache Size in the preferences? Maybe it will help. It's in Preferences--> Clip Editing.

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