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Question - BluRay and DVD Bitrates which will not require re-encoding in AW6 No.71184
Jim Norman  Mail /  )  2019-01-06 23:02:39 ( ID:ietfdrx5qcc )  

I edit using Premiere Pro CC and render out MPEG-2 (mv2 and wave) files for DVD creation and H.264 (m4v and wav) files for BluRay disk creation. I like to use the highest bitrate available that will meet the specs and also fit on the media.
I just started using AW6 and noticed that AW6 appears to re-render the video for a few seconds during scene changes. What average and maximum bitrate should I use to keep AW6 from re-rendering my source files when creating the DVD and BluRay folders? Is there a AW6 setting I should change?

Jim Norman  Mail /  )  2019-01-06 23:07:59 ( ID:ietfdrx5qcc )  

Make that m2v as opposed to mv2 files for DVDs. How do you edit one of your own messages?

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