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Question - what settings for simple start page No.71178
BOBC  Mail /  )  2019-01-03 21:21:10 ( ID:jxbzckanggn )  

There are so many variables to choose from, what settings do I choose to get the following to appear on TV when disc inserted as so far after 5 attempts I keep getting first page without my thumbnails and names of tracks beside them.

I want a nice background with thumbnails top to bottom and beside each one the name of the footage or as it is called 'track name'.
Tracks clips chapters etc not sure. I have brought into TMPGenc my .mpg footage, each is about 5 mins long on different subjects.
I have browsed to them all and imported them then used setting to give them their names.
These are tracks I think !
I dont want a page on which you click to then show another page , so I am trying to avoid Title page, I simply want to see my tracks.
I want to be able to click on a track thumbnail and the track plays, When it ends the menu appears with the tracks again.
If there isnt space on the page for all the tracks, then I need a button for page 2.

Just what are the exact steps to get this ?


tkrave  2019-01-11 03:56:51 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

Are you making a DVD or a Blu-ray?

Here's some basic instructions.

1.) Put your clips in their own tracks at the Source stage.

2.) In the Menu stage, choose to make a Custom Menu. Select the menu layout that looks the most similar to what you want (you can move things around later). Choose a background you like or use your own.

3.) Choose the "Top menu only" option when it comes up.

4.) For disc-insertion action, choose to view the top menu. For track playback end action, choose to display the top menu.

That's basically it! Once you finish setting up your menu, you can edit each individual page to look how you want it to look. Double-click on a menu page in the page list to open the menu page editor. You can then move the thumbnails and track names around, change the background, etc.

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