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Question - TVMW6 does not shutdown the host PC ? No.71173
benoitm  2018-12-31 22:47:24 ( ID:yvwgfnhvwrl )  

When I choose Shutdown as finishing task, it seems the system goes to sleep instead of shutting down. Is there somethnig I have to check somewhere ? (this is Windows 10 / 1803)

benoitm  2018-12-31 22:48:41 ( ID:yvwgfnhvwrl )  

Ooops - I mean TAW5 of course

tkrave  2019-01-11 05:09:16 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

Do you have other software running that might be interrupting the shutdown process? I just tried it with my TAW5 and mine shutdown correctly after output. Also on Windows 10.

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