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Question - TAW6 - DVD directly from H264? No.71091
JACQUES BRET  Mail / Home )  2018-10-17 01:36:08 ( ID:1t8nbxvvjd. )  

To create a DVD from an H264 file (HD mp4), the best solution is to re-encode in MPEG2 with Mastering 5, or to use the H264 directly in Authoring Works 6? With this last solution, can I set the bitrate before burning (the film lasts 1h26mn) on a support of 4.7 Gb, or the adjustment is done automatically?
Thank you for your reply.
Jacques BRET

Jacques Bret  Mail / Home )  2018-10-17 17:56:38 ( ID:1t8nbxvvjd. )  

Here is the answer of Tmpgeng services:

It is better to process the file directly on Authoring Works 6, the Bitrate will be adjusted automatically but if you want to do it manually please do as follows:
- on Source stage > Track settings > Video tag > Output mode: choose "Encode All Video Streams as Below"
then change at
you can change it, here is more info:

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