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Question - AVI DV to DVD (PAL): field ordering issue No.71067
benoitm  2018-08-21 17:19:27 ( ID:mku67hms8dw )  

when authoring a PAL DVD from AVI DV (PAL), I get jerky playback. Am I supposed to override the default settings (re field ordering)?
I understand AVI DV PAL is BFF, while theoretically PAL DVD is TFF; by default TAW5 keeps BFF when authoring a PAL DVD from AVI DV (BFF) and this is confirmed by MediaInfo; normally this should not be a problem, but both VLC and a regular home DVD player exhibit heavy jerky playback playing the DVD, indicating incorrect field ordering.
Note: the AVI DV material was digitized from PAL VHS tapes, and playback of this AVI in VLC is perfect.
Should I override some settings in TAW5 ? Or should I first do a roundtrip to TVMW6 ?
Obviously I want to keep the video interlaced.

benoitm  2018-08-22 02:07:00 ( ID:mku67hms8dw )  

After having struggled with field ordering with TAW5 & TVMW6 I found out that by default the AVI DV decoder used on my system are the MATROX codecs; by forcing the DirectShow codec at file import stage, I get more logical results: video is no longer jerky.
However I am still a bit puzzled with the necessity to swap field order when going from AVI DV PAL (BFF) to DVD PAL (TFF, according to specs): TAW5 keeps the source field order (BFF in this case) when using the DVD PAL template: is that 'compliant' ? Will a BFF DVD play correctly on all players in PAL land ?

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