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Request - Timeline Transition Duration No.71060
Pacem  Mail /  )  2018-07-27 00:17:18 ( ID:fvoxhwz/14f )  

In Normal Mode, an exact transition duration can be specified between two clips. In Time Line Mode, however, a transition is created when two clips intersect, but the duration is only based upon the size of the intersection. Please enable entry of an exact transition time and choice of transition by double-clicking on the intersection, which would bring up the transition screen as seen in Normal Mode. I am surprised that this capability wasn't in VMW5, either...

am_dew  2018-07-27 07:08:01 ( ID:nzuth1lc4.. )  

I agree 100%. Creating transitions in timeline mode leaves a lot to be desired.

Adriano  Mail /  )  2018-10-24 01:44:55 ( ID:3ybr1imtx1a )  

Hi, I use Edius 9 Workgroup and I'd like to export from the Edius 9 timeline to H.265 HEVEC. If I buy TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 6, is there iside the plugins for Edius 9? In other words while I install it Edius 9 get the plugins? Thnaks

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