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Question - Create ISO from 'Output' tab No.71045
ssinghraja  Mail /  )  2018-06-30 20:19:27 ( ID:ceutq7aifwf )  

I have the trial verison of TMPEG AW6 and have 2 questions before I decide to purchase.
1. Can I create an ISO straight from the Output tab? Currently I have to create Blu-ray BDMV folders then go to Disc tools and create an ISO image which takes another 30mins. This feature would save so much time as our disc publishers handle ISO images better.
2. I cannot seem to delete buttons in the menu. I can only delete the buttons I create, not the ones created by the menu wizard.

I'm not sure if any of these requests are due to trial version.


tkrave  2018-07-03 13:59:49 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

1.) You can't create an ISO directly from the Output tab. Would be a nice option though.

2.) You can't delete those buttons, but you can hide most of them if you need to. In the Menu tab, click on the "Blu-ray Global Menu Settings" button, then click on the "Item Display" tab and deselect the menu items that you don't need.

ssinghraja  Mail /  )  2018-07-04 07:55:23 ( ID:ceutq7aifwf )  

Thanks for the reply.
The output to BMDV in this software is so fast that if ISO directly and more control of the menus was there it would be great

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