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Question - DNXHD + HR Formats No.70996
Mike  2018-04-11 17:37:19 ( ID:8idg3eh89b. )  


If I import videos with DNXHD or DNXHR format like with 10, 12 or 14Bit, it works but in the Import Dialog I can see only 8Bit.
Does TMPGEnc this downsampling and use 8bit after import or its only a bug from the Importing Screen?

Ivo  Mail / Home )  2018-05-25 19:20:28 ( ID:wmi0aqtcayk )  

Hello Mike
I try to import an DNxHD 10 bit in TVMW6 version
but it will not import the video
which varity of the DNxHD you're able to import?
which wrapper you used?

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