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Question - Edit audio No.71031
kriper  Mail /  )  2018-05-21 21:05:54 ( ID:x9zu.i.zqqa )  

I want to edit a seperate audiofile that I have added to a projekt.
I can't figure out how to do it. Can it be done??
Thankful for a tutorial.

tkrave  2018-05-23 12:43:10 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

Audio files can be edited just like video files in the clip editor.
When in the Edit stage of the program, double-click your audio file to open the clip editor.
If you added the audio file to a video file, it should be edited along with the video.

Timeline mode might be what you want if you just want to edit the audio without editing the video.
Put the audio file on a separate layer above or below the video file layer. Double-click the audio file to edit it. Be aware that you will probably need to adjust the length of the audio file if it is longer or shorter than the video. If it is longer than the video, the video will repeat the last frame for the left over audio.

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