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Question - Using template backgrounds separately? No.71026
Karen  2018-05-19 01:36:44 ( ID:avlymbfi7hh )  

(Sorry for the second duplicate post, my first attempt seems to have left off half the post, and won't let me delete it).

I've run into this with several projects, going into the "Create a menu based on Template" option, finding the template with the perfect background for my project, but not liking any of the other features of the template. And they all seem to be locked as part of the template, cannot be changed or even moved to another part of the screen.

Considering that the heading says "create a menu BASED on a template" I would hope that I'd be able start out with the template as a base, and customize it as needed. That does not seem to be the case. And said perfect background is apparently NOT available to use in the library of backgrounds under custom menu creation.

Really irritating to find the perfect background for a project but hate the button/thumbnail/positioning options of the template and have no other way to just use the background.

Is there no way to export a template background to use separately, either within the program or by digging around into the program folders and finding the template files that way and save the background somehow from there?

The old program we used to use didn't always have the exact single backgrounds that they had available from the template either, but it was easy enough to find them in one of the program folders and copy them out to use by themselves. Would be nice if that was an option here as well.

Any ideas? Thank you.

tkrave  2018-05-19 15:00:21 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

Unfortunately, that's how it's been with this program for forever. I think people here have requested unlocked menu templates before, but it hasn't happened, so I wouldn't get your hopes up.

Making the backgrounds and other elements available as custom menu parts would be a good compromise though.

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