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Question - CUSTOM MENU No.71024
UCCIANI Toussaint  Mail /  )  2018-05-18 21:31:06 ( ID:wfzngl2y/8n )  

Hi evrybody,

When a 'custom menu' (pic 1) is built, the background audio loops just when the mouse flies over the chapter box. This also starts the video or shows the picture, which is normal. This occurs even after the DVD is finished.

I tried several changes without any success.

It does not seems normal that the move on a chapter makes the audio restarts, as it is supposed to illustrate the menu 'page' and not the chapter itself.

Best regards.

tkrave  2018-05-19 14:39:04 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

I believe this is a limitation of the DVD standard. Any time the menu visually changes (not counting highlights, as those are overlaid on top of the menu), you are actually loading a separate render of the menu. Thus, the music will restart because you are essentially loading a new video (the menu).

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