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Question - ProRes 422 No.70995
Tractormatt  2018-04-11 03:22:55 ( ID:etpk2rbswzl )  

I have Apple ProRes 422 audio and video formats recorded. I tried to encode them to mpegII formats. When the encoding is done, I have the video, but no audio. Any suggestions or anyone have the same problems? Thanks

Mike  2018-04-11 17:40:43 ( ID:8idg3eh89b. )  

Do you have audio in the preview window?
Which audio settings you are using in your encoding profile?

tractormatt  2018-04-13 04:52:49 ( ID:etpk2rbswzl )  

Yes audio is in the preview window and it plays through preview fine, just post encode it doesn't work. Audio settings are: MPEG 1 Audio Layer 2. 48khz, stereo, 224 bit rate.

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