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Question - Why can't I output MP4 with MP4 input? No.70992
Baffled  Mail /  )  2018-04-09 04:28:56 ( ID:j8majifa/ta )  

I want to trim several MP4 files, all created the same way with the same software. With most of them, Smart Renderer 5 allows me to output the trimmed file back to MP4 format, but some of them it insists on outputting them as MPEG2 /.ts format!

Why is this happening? The ONLY operation I perform on these files is to trim their length, usually both at the beginning and at the end. I'm not changing anything else. So why can't I output all of these files as MP4 format?

Can anyone help, please?


tkrave  2018-04-10 13:51:21 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

What happens if you just select MP4 as the output target?

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