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Question - Timecode layer No.70978
Yuitz  Mail /  )  2018-03-15 18:25:07 ( ID:i23lpavlebg )  

Hi, anyone know how to ADD a timecode layer (embedded timecode) on top of the video track?

Can you adjust TC format? I wish I could set it as Avid does - HH:MM:SS:FF


tkrave  2018-03-16 15:04:00 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

You can use a subtitle stream to display timecode.

Go to the Source Stage, double click on your clip (you will have to do it for each clip) to open the clip editor window.
Click on Subtitle Edit.
Click on "Add" to add a subtitle to the subtitle stream. This opens the Subtitle Text Edit window.
Check the box for "Import Metadata" and then click on the "Quote Data" button and click Source Duration.
This will automatically add a code to the text box and the timecode should appear on the preview pane.
By default, only HH:MM:SS are displayed. You can add frames by adding ":{SourceTime_F2}" to the code in the text box.
Unfortunately, the frame data does not reset for each second, so it just continues to go higher and higher, increasing in digits and showing the total number of frames.

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