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Question - Sharpening & downscaling order No.70967
benoitm  2018-02-08 18:38:19 ( ID:ssxulmeekwr )  

I am revisiting this topic ( because I am still confronted to the problem.
The issue is that I found out that rescaling to a lower raster size (downsampling) a somewhat soft 1080 video results in a too soft SD video; one might think (hope) that downscaling would recover some of the sharpness -- NOT ! it is propagating it...(there are good explanations about the reasons on the Internet).

I assume Lanczos yields the best sharpness in downsampling, correct ?

So I wonder what would be the best filter order:
First add some sharpening (e.g. contour) then scale down
First scale down then add some sharpening.

Of course this is assuming that the downscaling is happening at the "Picture Resize" filter stage, so the Contour filter can be placed before or after it; but is this a correct assumption ? When does rescaling exactly happening with TVMW6 ? At the "Picture resize" filter stage, or later on (i.e. ALWAYS after the Filter stage) ?

Any other suggestion to enhance the apparent sharpness of the SD video when scaling down a somewhat soft HD clip ?

benoitm  2018-09-25 21:41:14 ( ID:ssxulmeekwr )  

Is it possible for someone from Pegasys to chime in and confirm (or explain) the order of processing for resizing and other filters ?

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