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Question - Blu Ray Menue No.70953
Roscoe  2018-01-15 18:49:44 ( ID:kr.prcqakoo )  

Currently have the trial version of Authoring Works 6. Would like to create a BD. This should contain two movies with individual chapters. Film 1 = 3 chapters, movie 2 = 5 chapters. The menu should now look like that: when inserting the disc first a main menu is displayed where you select the desired title, then jump to the appropriate sub menu where the individual chapters or all chapters can be selected. After selecting a single and playing a chapter it should be jumped back to the corresponding chapter menu after its end to select a different chapter.
Having spent quite a few hours making such a menu, I am close to despair. Neither with one of the included, nor with a user menu it is possible.
Question, I'm just too stupid or really can not do that. With other authoring software that works, but they all have either bad encoders, are extremely slow to render, or very expensive.
I'm grateful for every tip.

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