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Question - Automatically load subtitles (.srt) with video No.70776
ki2  Mail /  )  2017-06-08 11:27:32 ( ID:hhb7fhipyyl )  

Anyone here can please let me know or guide me on how to configure TAW6 to load the subtitle (.srt format) automatically with the video?
On TAW4 this was done automatically, as long as the SRT and the video had the exact same name, only extension different. In TAW6, in the clip addition windows, you have to always go to "subtitle edit", import the SRT, edit (which never saves the configuration BTW: font, color, size, position, etc.), and this is a horrible waste of time.
Any help, really appreciated.....

phylbert  2017-12-31 19:09:15 ( ID:alfj5bgjega )  

For foreign films, where I'm _always_ going to want the subtitles to be visible, I burn them into the video while rendering it.
I installed the free K-Lite codec pack, and using its Codec Tweak Tool, I set the preferred filters to ffdshow (the alternative, LAV, doesn't do subtitles).
Then, in TAW6, I use the "DirectShow Supported Files" filter to add video to the project. When I preview or render the project, the subtitles are automatically added by the DirectShow filters. TAW6 doesn't even know they're there, as they just become part of the video stream it's encoding.
This isn't ideal if you want the ability to turn the subs on and off, but since I'm in no hurry to learn Swahili, Icelandic, or Cantonese, this works perfectly for my needs.

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