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Question - Crop and add borders No.70898
RDS11  2017-11-09 03:42:55 ( ID:4097ljnujam )  

I have a 1280X720 video that I want to change as follow : crop 16 pixels at the top and add 16 pixels of black at the bottom. I can't do that only with the 'crop' filter, because the mask option can only be added on the portion that is being cropped.

Basically, for those familiar with Avisynth, I want to do something like this :
Crop (0,16,0,0)
Addborders (0,0,0,16)

Any idea how I can achieve this with MW6 ?

Thank you !

tkrave  2017-11-10 14:33:22 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

So basically, you're just moving the entire video up 16 pixels?

If so, you can do it in Timeline mode.
Once in timeline editing mode, select your clip and then in the properties tab on the right side of the screen, type in -16 in the "top" field. This will move the video up, cutting off 16 pixels from the top and showing a black background at the bottom.

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