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Question - How to improve the subtitels visual appearance?? No.70881
Massimo Gironi  Mail /  )  2017-10-23 18:21:34 ( ID:vo2peycsvx6 )  

Hi all, I am a TMPGEnc Authoring Works 6 user and I would like to make a DVD.
Everything is fine apart the film subtitles that always look with a jagged border. I tried to change many subs options and fonts but the poor subs graphic quality is still there.

Any advise about how to improve the subs appearance?


hurricane51  Mail / Home )  2017-10-25 01:49:22 ( ID:3rssf7ypizo )  

If you are lucky, it might be a result of your media player not decoding the video properly. In this case you can try another media player.

If the subtitles are "hard-coded", meaning you can't disable them in TAW, you don't have much choice. They are now part of the actual video stream. Subtitles on DVDs are image files and can't be edited into another format directly. Possibly re-rendering it as a non-interlaced (progressive) stream might help.

If you find that TAW will let you suppress the subtitle track, then you have more choices. You can extract the subtitles as a PGS file and perform OCR on the file, with something like Subtitle Edit. However, your results will always have to be checked and corrected, usually based on the font of the original subtitle. This can be an onerous process.

Or you can search for SRT subtitles on one of the many subtitle sites on the web. Download the appropriate language file, then add it into your project using TAW. While I use this when I can, be aware that the accuracy of these can vary and, obviously, you are out of luck if you can't find subtitles for your particular video.

If you can't disable the subtitle, I don't think any procedure will help. Maybe someone else has a solution.

Massimo Gironi  2017-10-25 19:10:35 ( ID:vo2peycsvx6 )  

Thank you very much Hurricane for your explanation.

I have the SRT file. I am going to follow your advice.



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