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Question - utilize all cores No.70864
meshal  Mail / Home )  2017-09-30 08:33:46 ( ID:j.gyaemtqtw )  

hi there..
i got this problem lately with my new system.. the program can't utilize all core while encoding 2 passes x264..
the first pass use all the cores but the second pass use only 1 core :(
this problem happen from time to time.. sometime use all core and other only 1.
i tried and now same problem.

i9 7900x
asus rampage apex x299
32gb memory 4x8
nvidia 1050
960 pro nvme hdd
all driver are up-to date

Ades  2017-10-10 14:59:20 ( ID:nrp09m2aqdn )  

hi, I think this is related your source file, what is it?
If for ex. it is an AVI file, probably the codec used does not use all cores to decode.
You may need to check in Options > Preferences > the Multithread settings, as well as check if the CPU cores are recognized in CPU/GPU settings.

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