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Question - failed to convert video data No.70112
toohoo  Mail /  )  2015-12-28 16:19:04 ( ID:mpolrml5t46 )  

Hello everybody,
I'm new here. I have downloaded "Free Video Converter". It does not work for me. I select a MP4-file which was taken with my smartphone on android. I get every time the message "failed to convert video data". What may be I'm doing wrong?
Thanks in forehand and regards

-=DRFILGOOD=-  2017-09-15 18:47:17 ( ID:truugaj2adw )  

Free version...lolnothingin this world is forfree...specially software!

Now from my memory back in 1998 this version will only accept avi decoded/encoded to mpeg1/2??

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