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Question - Make frame rate 25fps as default No.70816
anthonyh  Mail /  )  2017-07-22 01:13:37 ( ID:yxdhn2/licf )  

I was wondering if it`s possible to make 25fps the default for encoding etc as the majority of our encodes are to this frame rate. It`s a bit of a hassle to have to change it from 30fps every time we do a new encode. Perhaps a setting in preferences to set the default framerate.

tkrave  2017-07-27 13:18:30 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

If you're always encoding to the same format, then I would make a custom output template.

After you make your template, the next time you go to the format stage it should select your custom template by default.

anthonyh  2017-07-27 19:56:14 ( ID:yxdhn2/licf )  

It`s the import frame rate that I want to set rather than the output. It defaults to 30 and we rarely ever use that. thanks for the response though.

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