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Question - No MP3 audio in encoded AVI No.70793
MFiend  2017-06-20 13:40:28 ( ID:yzjw4sdq55l )  

Want to reencode an FLV to x264/MP3.

The Video encoding works without problems.

But NO audio is produced, whether I select PCM or MP3.

Source audio is MP3 64 kbps mono 44.1 kHz. Even if I select exactly the same MP3 output type in Advanced Acoustic Engine MP3 Encoder, NO audio is produced - zilch.


MFiend  2017-06-28 09:36:22 ( ID:yzjw4sdq55l )  

Answer is that x264vfw has 2 output modes, "File" and "VFW", while TMPGEnc VMW6 outputs to its "Output File Name".

If I select x264vfw's "File" mode, video is output there but any audio goes to TE6's "Output File Name".

If I select x264vfw's "VFW" mode, video+audio is muxed in TE6's "Output File Name", but with video delay - need to select "Zero latency" in x264vfw to avoid but that increases filesize.

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