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Question - Mask filter in clip mode No.70783
senior14  Mail /  )  2017-06-10 17:20:53 ( ID:ogdavir0hdc )  

I want to blacken a part of the picture over a range of about 400 frames. Whatever setting I've tried so far generates a black mask over the required range of frames but in the output video the mask moves a significant stretch from right to left at the beginning of the masking for about 5 seconds. This results in displaying partially some of the area i want to conceal. For the rest of the masking period the result is as expected.
Perhaps it is important to mention that I didn't have to double-click into the pre-view to display the mask shape. The contour of the mask appears automatically when "mask" ist selected in the filter list.

Any suggestions what I do wrongly? I'd be thankful for any hint.


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