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Question - User No.70775
Tom Lewandowski  2017-06-08 05:04:29 ( )  

I have been receiving error messages in the TAW6 demo while editing ‘User Added Items’, both images and text:

“An error occurred while saving the data. Refer to the error content below:

This parameter is incorrect. (Error code 0x80070057)”

I haven’t noticed if the same ‘error code’ appears each time I’ve received it. But, it happens when using the ‘Move to front/back’ edit function (with both images and text), resizing images, moving images and text boxes.

I can't get passed this error unless I save the project, close the program and restart it; I can than edit the image or text that was producing the error, and continue working for a while...before it happens again.

It appears that, even though Pegasus support staff don’t respond on this forum, they DO respond to software problems noted here when updating their products. It’s obvious by their correcting issues I’ve mentioned on this forum. After all, they can’t successfully sell a buggy product, especially when they’ve created a forum specifically for customers to find support.

Brian  Mail /  )  2018-03-27 10:54:00 ( ID:shajjqfcepn )  

Sorry this comes about 6 months too late for you, but I encountered the same issue over the weekend. When I searched the error code, I not only found your question (which had no responses), I also found articles from Microsoft that indicated that this is an access permission issue. Long story short: I had burned a DVD last week that ended up needing a few tweaks. I re-rendered the source files (in other software) and tried to recreate the DVD. TMPGEnc could no longer recognize the re-rendered source files. I was able to re-add them pretty easily before deleting the old references to them. So far so good.
Bottom line: If you edit a file being used by TMPGEnc, it may not be recognized and you may have to re-add and then delete the original. Hope this is helpful to someone.

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