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Question - OUTPUT Failure ... Bug? No.70753
Tom Lewandowski  Mail /  )  2017-06-01 18:25:21 ( )  

I've just completed my first BD authoring project in TAW6 and wanted to output the project to a hard disc folder. I pressed the START OUTPUT button and received the error message:

"Can't Extract Keyword 'MediaVolumeSize_25G'"

Does anyone know what this means. The BD project was originally created in TAW5 and was output without problems. After importing the TAW5 project file, the settings remained the same in TAW6. The "SIMULATION" worked fine, as well. The video clips were all imported from an existing BD thus none required re-rendering.

Any thoughts?

tkrave  2017-06-02 14:01:15 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

Have you tried contacting user support? They'd know best what that error message means.

Tom Lewandowski  Mail /  )  2017-06-02 16:50:29 ( )  

The demo states that it's NOT supported so, no ... I didn't contact the support staff.

tkrave  2017-06-03 16:59:19 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

For questions about trial versions, I think you can use their Pre-Sales Inquiry form on the contact page:

Does your project exceed 25GB in size? Maybe it has to do with that. Or it could be some kind of bug.

Tom Lewandowski  Mail /  )  2017-06-03 17:55:24 ( )  

Maybe I'll try contacting Pegasys regarding that error message.

Yes and no on project size; TAW6 calculates the project at around 35GB, though based on TAW5 projects (which also overestimated project size), it'll like write the project using less than 22GB. All files in the layout are SR compliant and will simply be copied ... not rerendered. I always set output size to "none", anyway, because of TAW's exaggerated project size estimates; I don't want TAW trying to render any files to make them smaller.

However, I did try indicating 50GB output, write to hard disc folder, and write to disc -- but it didn't help. My guess is that TAW6 is trying to apply a 25GB disc size output to a TAW5 project where the project output size was set at NONE.

linonata  2017-06-03 22:07:31 ( ID:fdjeb6efieh )  

To work around this problem, select Custom Target Size, without changing Custom Target Size
In this way the output size of the project remains unchanged

tkrave  2017-06-06 14:09:08 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

TAW6 was updated yesterday and it looks like you ran into a bug. Download the latest version and hopefully you won't run into this issue again.

Here's the line from the revision history:

"Fixed: Could not start output because an error occurred when a Blu-ray (BDMV) project exceeded the estimated output size of 25 GB. "

Tom Lewandowski  Mail /  )  2017-06-09 05:25:26 ( )  

The update did the trick with my output error.

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