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Question - I don't understand how to do simple things in this program. Please help! No.70766
JaiBubwan  Mail /  )  2017-06-05 15:26:16 ( ID:epnnm0ftfd6 )  

When I edit a video, I have to do two things:
1) Select a segment & save it to a new file.
2) Then remove that selected segment from the overall video, which also has to be saved to a new file.

I'm used to the simple SolveigMM interface. You mark a segment. Right click and save it. Then right click and delete it from the timeline. Press one button to save new video (with segment removed).

But in TMPGEnc Smart Renderer, it is so complicated. After I mark a segment, I see no option to quickly save the clip. There are so many confusing buttons. I tried reading the help manual...but it doesn't make sense to me.

Can someone please tell me some steps to accomplish the two things I need to do?

tkrave  2017-06-06 14:06:49 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

So you want to save both the part your are editing out and the resulting video with the edit?

You can't do it the way SolveigMM does it, mostly because TMSR5 does not use a timeline for editing.

In the clip editor window, you should select the segment you want to edit by using the split clip button to mark the beginning and end of the area you want to cut. The split clip button looks like this: <-|-> (a left arrow, a dividing line, and a right arrow). Once done, you should have blue and orange-marked segments.

Then click on OK. A window will appear asking which segments to keep; you'll want to keep both the blue and orange segments in your case.

You'll be back in the clip list window and you should have 3 clips (if you only want to remove one section). You should save the project now as a base project to create the two resulting videos you want.

After saving, delete the segment you want removed, then you can save and output that as your first file. There is an output option to merge all the clips into one video to create your edited overall video.

Reload your base project file and delete the other segments so you only have the section you want to edit out. Then save and output that.

Hope that makes sense. It sounds complicated, but it's not bad once you get used to it. It's just a different way of editing.

JaiBubwan  Mail /  )  2017-06-08 02:03:10 ( ID:epnnm0ftfd6 )  


Thank you for your great advice! I understand now.

Though I think one thing that can easily be improved by developers is the "Format > Output Mode" option. Currently, you can either "connect all clips" or "save ALL clips separately".

But for some reason, you cannot choose specific clips to output or merge. This means you have to keep saving & reloading projects to isolate or merge desired clips. Needlessly inefficient.

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